7th Annual STEM Research Symposium April 1, 2015 List of Winners


Victoria Hoelscher, Tamara Hamilton (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) Entrainment sublimation for purification of mechanochemically-synthesized porphyrins

Peter Nwokoye, John Boulos (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) Thiophene N-substituted tetrahydropyridinium salts as functionally selective muscarinic partial agonists

Qiwen Su, Tamara Hamilton, Paula Mackin (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) A series of meso-tetrasubstituted porphyrins synthesized using mechanochemistry

Honorable Mentions

Zulema Rodriguez1, Frantisek Svec2, Zuzana Zajickova1 (1Barry University, Miami Shores; 2Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley) Hybrid monolith: surface modification and “single-pot” approach

Physics - Mathematical Sciences - Computer Science

Daria Vasilyeva, Maurizio Giannotti, John Goehl (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) Comparison of different approaches in extraction of a parameter in a linear fit

Honorable Mention

Lukas Bijaminas, Hugo Torres, James Haralambides (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) Power consumption comparisons for cryptographic algorithms on mobile devices

Health Sciences – PACE – Psychology – General Studies


Elizabeth McNally1, Danielle Fair1, Sabrina Des Rosiers1, Seth J. Schwartz2, Jennifer Unger3, Lourdes Baezcondi-Garbanati3, Daniel Soto3 ,Juan Villamar4 (1Barry University, Miami Shores; 2University of Miami, Miami; 3University of Southern California, Los Angeles; 4Northwestern University, Evanston) Which has the greatest effect on depression in Hispanic adolescents? Parental or adolescent well-being?

Erica Nanoo, Krystal Sabdul, Laura Gregoire, Mailyn Morales, Sumera Ackbarali (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) The relationship between clinical laboratories and Ebola virus disease prevalence and mortality in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone during the 2014 outbreak

Honorable Mention

Rehaf Alabdaly, Mohammed Alharthi, Ali Althaiban, Alicia Graham, Sumera Ackbarali (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) Evaluation of influenza vaccine efficacy using subtype A detection during the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 influenza season

Kareem Barrett, Barbara Francisco, Dianna Maldonado, Bernice Tshimbalanga, Daniel Packert (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) The demonstration of carbohydrates in plant cell walls of alcohol fixed tissue using various staining techniques


Peter Rodriguez, Shashana Fiedler, Christoph J. Hengartner, Leticia R. Vega, Gerhild Packert (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) CDC bioreactor for cultivation of Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilm under flow conditions

Johan Sanchez1, Nicole H. Lopez2, Brenda Schoffstall1 (1Barry University, Miami Shores; 2Georgia Regents University, Augusta) The potential for igf2 and yap1 genes as a proliferation switch in zebrafish cardiomyocytes

Daria Vasilyeva, Pairat Dolinsky, Shashana Fiedler, Alice Nakasone, Verronika Laguerre, Marithza Gaspard, Heather Silverstein, Gerhild Packert, Tang Hu (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) Role of cdc2 in PMA-induced leukemia cell differentiation

Shanika Kingston1, Laura Cunningham2, John Caradonna2 (1Barry University, Miami Shores; 2Boston University, Boston) Dioxygen activation by mononuclear non-heme iron oxygenases and the corresponding model complexes

Victoria Hoelscher1, Kevin P. McPherson2, Samuel Lasse3, Erik Andersen4, Miriam B. Goodman3 (1Barry University, Miami Shores; 2Emory University, Atlanta; 3Stanford University, Stanford; 4Northwestern University, Evanston) Genetic regulation of the temperature-dependent egg-laying rate in C. elegans

Wesam Azaizeh, Keiauyndria Edwards, Kamren Livingston, Christoph J. Hengartner, Leticia R. Vega (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) Identification and characterization of genetic interactions between cdc13-1 and yKU80 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Honorable Mention

Bayan Alghamdi, Michael Robinson (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) Analysis of juvenile and adult color patterns in a territorial damselfish

Kevin McCarty, Michael Robinson (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) Diverse UV-reflectance patterns in several Caribbean damselfish genera

Peter Nwokoye, Joanna Conley, Mariana Ruiz, Shanika Kingston, Mandy Carper, Breyonna Maddox, Kelly Hills, Rafael Brango, Natalie Izaguirre, Bertina Telusma, Chuco Glen, Teresa Petrino-Lin, Stephanie Bingham (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL)Examining the effects of paternal ethanol exposure on zebrafish development

Jessica Ricketts1, Precious deVerteuil2, Victoria Hoelscher1, Brenda Schoffstall1 (1Barry University, Miami Shores; 2University of Oregon, Eugene)Wound healing and infection in adult Danio rerio wild type zebrafish