Student Advocacy Center


The Student Advocacy Center serves all students by offering an informal and neutral dispute resolution service. The staff acts as agents to provide students with information, advice, intervention and referrals to ensure that all students of the University community receive fair and equitable treatment. The rights and interest of all students are considered with the goal of achieving fair outcomes.

The Center also offers the services of certified victim’s advocate to any student who might need such services. This assistance is particularly important to any student who is a survivor of any type of sexual misconduct.

The Center supplements, but does not replace, policies and procedures of the University and its constituent units. We operate in an assistance and advisory capacity and rely on the cooperation and good will of faculty, staff and administration of the University.

The Student Advocacy Center is committed to empowering undergraduate, graduate and adult learners to overcome obstacles; provide them with direction; encourage them to take advantage of all out of the classroom educational opportunities; and, help them maximize their educational experience while pursuing their degree at Barry University.