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Issues and Concerns

Reasons why a student might choose to contact the Student Advocacy Center:

  • Being unsure of where to start to get a question answered
  • Having a concern and being unsure if it is a legitimate concern
  • Having a complaint that has not been resolved
  • Having a question about policies or procedures
  • Having a question or concern about services available
  • Needing support or advocacy about a complaint or concern

Advocacy may involve referring the student to the correct office and/or personnel who can resolve the concern. It may also involve accompanying the student to meet with the person(s) who can assist the student. In a few instances, it involves helping the student understand that the concern is not resolvable at the campus level or that the concern is beyond the resources or appropriate mission of the university.

If you are unsure of where to turn when you have a concern about life at the university, whether it be inside or outside the classroom, you may contact the Student Advocacy Center for assistance.

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