Mediation is a process that allows the parties to generate their own solutions to a dispute, and promotes communication and understanding in a neutral environment, to increase the chances that both parties will leave the process satisfied. Mediation encourages the parties to deal with important underlying issues. This is particularly important where disputing parties are likely to be in an on-going relationship (e.g., dating relationship, roommates, classmates, etc.)

A voluntary process

Although all mediation programs function differently, mediation is most effective when the parties’ participation is of their own free will. Although coercion to some degree may sometimes be necessary to initiate the process, it is recommended that no one be required to participate in mediation. Some sense of choice of the part of the participant is critical.


Mediation is generally a confidential process. Mediation is successful because the process promotes trust and cooperation between parties and discourages adversarial behavior. If parties are concerned that every word said in the mediation process may be shared or possibly be used against them, they may be unwilling to share information and invest themselves in mediation.

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