Campus Standards

The abuse of alcohol and the use of illegal drugs by members of the Barry University community are incompatible with the goals of the institution. The university does acknowledge the problem of substance abuse in our society and perceives this problem as a serious threat to employees and students. The university does hold its students and employees responsible for the consequences of their decisions to use or distribute illicit drugs or to serve or consume alcohol. It is the intent of the university to establish and maintain a drug-free workplace. It is the university's further intent to comply in every respect with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendment of 1989 (Public Law 101-226) as presently constituted to be amended in the future.

Barry University is committed to provide a campus environment that is supportive of learning and building a safe and supportive community. In keeping with this, there are expectations with regard to the use of alcohol that must be upheld. The Office of the Dean of Students provides students with an on-line version of the Student Handbook to assist them in understanding what the University expects with regard to behavior and what the University will provide in terms of student rights. For further information, please see the following resources:

Disciplinary Outcomes

Possible outcomes for violations of University standards can include education course, community service, parental notification, disciplinary probation, loss of university housing and various other possible consequences.

For a list of possible outcomes as they relate to the University’s conduct system, please review the Student Handbook, specifically the sections Student Conduct and Alcohol.