Eli Olken-Dann, M.A., Director
Dan Hill, M.S., Fitness Center Director
TBA, Wellness & ISR Coordinator
TBA, M.S., Intramural Coordinator
Adela Bradley, Administrative Assistant

Landon Student Union, 112,

The Department of Campus Recreation & Wellness (CRW) at Barry operates its programs on the philosophy of wholesome recreation and wellness for everyone who is part of the Barry community. By providing students, faculty and staff with a broad-based program of activities, a safe environment, and a chance to incorporate movement and recreation into one's daily schedule, there is "something for everyone." Recreation and wellness activities serve as a venue for meeting people, developing healthy behaviors, cultivating leadership abilities, and just plain having fun.

CRW is committed to offering the highest quality program achievable that maximizes participation within available resources. Programs promote ideals like sportsmanship, camaraderie, and empowerment. They continually strive to extend campus awareness for a healthy, holistic approach towards recreation and wellness during leisure hours, as well as encourage cooperation with other departmental or professional organizations and educational institutions that share the same objectives.

Intramural sports provide opportunities for league play in perennial favorites such as flag football, softball, soccer, and basketball. All intramural sports are held on the Miami Shores campus. Sports are broken up into recreational and competitive divisions, so no experience is necessary.

Wellness activity classes are designed to enhance an individual's physical well-being as well as affect a person's mental and personal attributes. The classes range from strenuous (kickboxing, step aerobics) to social (Hip Hop Fitness) to meditative (yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates). This variety of offerings allows the Barry community to choose activities that cater to their personal health goals and some offer the option to earn college credit through our Instructional Activities in Sport and Recreation (ISR) program. Most of these classes are offered in the Miller Studio, a multi-purpose, indoor facility with wooden floors, mirrored walls, and a high quality sound and media center.

Special Events such as Wellness Day aim to engage all students in the activity of their choice, to discover pleasure, cultivate feelings of accomplishment and find an outlet for social interaction and stress relief.

Sport club offerings give students an opportunity to participate in organized sport activities which are excluded from Barry's offerings of NCAA-monitored intercollegiate programs.

BUCKid’s Summer Camp offers an 8 week program for children of ages 5-12. This unique program incorporates recreation, academics, and community service. The staff is comprised primarily of Barry students and alumni to ensure a quality experience for its participants. It is also recognized by the Department of Children and Families. Reduced tuition is available for all Barry community members.

Open recreational activities include the use of the HSC indoor gymnasium, Penafort pool, the aforementioned Miller studio, and the lighted tennis complex. All participants are required to present a valid Barry ID for all CRW activities.

The Landon Student Union houses a state-of-the-art Fitness Center which serves as the showpiece for CRW. It provides an environment for individuals who want to concentrate on muscular development, flexibility training, power enhancement, endurance building, or even rehabilitative therapy. This facility gives CRW increased programming flexibility and options, improves campus health awareness, and provides a great benefit to the Barry University community. One-on-one personal training, quick and convenient circuit training classes for the time restricted student, and complementary equipment orientations and fitness evaluations are provided.

The Fitness Center features:

  • Over 20 cardiovascular machines (treadmills, elliptical, stair climbers, bikes, rowers).
  • An entire programming circuit of Cybex workout machines.
  • Multi-purpose workout racks.
  • A full complement of free weight equipment.
  • Certified and trained fitness supervisors on the floor at all times.
  • Orientation and assessment opportunities for users
  • Fully equipped locker rooms.
  • Televisions equipped with Cardio Theater

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