De Porres Center for Ethical Leadership

Paula Dias, Ph.D., Program Manager

Thompson Hall 202

Barry University prepares graduates to become 21st century leaders, advocates for social change, and active citizens in their communities. The De Porres Center for Ethical Leadership (DCEL) empowers students to lead through a social justice lens that is grounded in Barry University's Mission and Core Commitments. Opportunities in leadership education, mentoring, conferences, speakers, and retreats are offered each semester to build professional skills, foster ethical decision-making, and inspire students to get involved in organizations and causes they are passionate about. All students are invited to discover their passion and leadership potential through CEL programs such as the Emerging Leaders Program, Ethical Leadership Conferences, and Leadership Adventure.

Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)

First year students are invited to participate in this leadership certificate program during the fall semester. ELP provides experiential opportunities to enhance leadership skills, raise social awareness, and stimulate intellectual growth. The program introduces students to the concept of social justice, and leadership styles through a process of self-discovery. Once the ELP certificate is completed, students are encouraged to apply for campus leadership position such as student government, resident assistant, and service fellows; and develop on-going mentor relationships with upperclassmen, university staff, faculty, and senior administrators.

Ethical Leadership Conferences

Annual conferences provide students with opportunities to explore their leadership potential, interact with peers and presenters, and develop a greater understanding of how they can make positive contributions in the world. Ethical Leadership Conferences feature keynote speakers and breakout sessions relevant to both established and emerging student leaders.

Leadership Adventure

Offered during the spring semester, this hands-on, experiential program challenges students though individual and group initiatives. Leadership styles and strengths are explored through the lens of reflection, teambuilding, communication, and strategic decision-making.  

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