Center for Counseling And Psychological Services

Sr. Anastasia Maguire, RSM, MSW, LCSW, Director,
TBA, Associate Director
Sandra Barros, MSW, Staff Counselor
Hossiella Longoria, Psy.D., Staff Psychologist
Sarah Rohan, MA, Staff Counselor
Carlos Sandoval, M.D., Consulting Psychiatrist
Helen V. Balgobin., Administrative Secretary

Landon Student Union 205
Phone number: 305 899-3950
Web Page:


The purpose of the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (Counseling Center) is to provide personal counseling services in an atmosphere of respect and confidentiality.

  • Personal counseling and educational programs are provided to enhance personal development to all enrolled students
  • Personal counseling is available on an appointment basis, if possible. In order to serve all students evening appointments are available by request. Twenty-four hour emergency personal counseling services are available, for residential students, through a beeper system.


Confidential personal counseling is available to all students at Barry University. Students are encouraged to use the counseling services when those services would be helpful. When requested, or when appropriate, referrals are made to the university's consulting psychiatrist, to physicians and/or community agencies. These referrals are made through the Counseling Center.

Confidentiality is maintained.

Currently enrolled students who, by their actions, are considered to be psychologically unable to function adequately as members of the student body may be required to provide a clearance from one of the CCPS psychologists, as a condition for continued enrollment in the university. This condition of clearance from a CCPS psychologist also applies to those students who withdraw from the university for psychological or psychiatric treatment and subsequently seek re-admission.

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