Emergency Response Procedures

Fire Drills

The safety of those living in university housing must begin with a conscientious awareness of the emergency fire drill procedure and proper usage of the fire detection and alarm devices in each hall. Protection of life and personal possessions is dependent on the responsible actions of all persons. Abuse or tampering with fire detection or alarm devices will not be tolerated.

During the academic year students will be informed of the emergency evacuation of the university housing units through regularly scheduled unannounced drills. Alarm systems will be tested periodically to ensure proper functioning. Malfunctioning of fire alarms should be reported immediately to a member of the Residence Life staff.

Severe Weather Watch

In the event of any emergency situation caused by severe local weather conditions, the university will put in effect its hurricane preparedness plan. The plan can be found at www.barry.edu/prepare

In the event of hurricane warning (which indicates that a hurricane is expected in 24 hours or less) all residents may be evacuated from university housing. If an evacuation order is issued, ALL residents are expected to evacuate university housing and follow instructions given by the staff members or other university or public officials. In the event of an evacuation, student must bring any necessary items with them including clothing, identification, money, and prescriptions with them as they will not be permitted back into the residence halls and student apartments until the University reopens. Please see complete procedures in the Housing and Residence Hall Manual www.barry.edu/housing/living-on-campus/policies-procedures/

In the absence of the Vice President for Mission and Student Engagement, his/her designee will assume responsibility.

For other university emergency responses please go to:

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