Information Technology

Hernan Londono, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer

Information Technology is charged with directing, managing and supporting the university’s information systems, as well as the computing, network and communications infrastructure.

BarryNet Accounts

All registered students are provided with a BarryNet account. The account provides access to all university computing resources, which include email, web resources, and network applications.


Email is the official method for communication at Barry University. The university may send communications to students via email. Students are responsible for the consequences of not reading in a timely fashion university related communications sent to their official Barry University student email account. Students are expected to check their Barry University official email on a frequent and consistent basis in order to remain informed of university related communications. Email can be accessed by visiting

Barry Remote Access Services

https://go.barry.eduprovides secure access to multiple sources of campus information and services including:

  • Email
  • Applications such as SPSS and Minitab
  • Academic resources such as electronic journals and databases provided by the Library
  • Canvas, the University's Learning Management System
  • Web resources such as the Student Web

Microsoft Office is also available to students free of charge, and can be installed on up to 5 devices. Visit http://help.barry.edufor further information.

Labs and Instructional Facilities

149 computers are available for students to use throughout campus, including 48 laptops that can be checked-out for up to one day through a self-service dispensing kiosk. There are 9 classrooms for hands-on computer use, each equipped with 24 student computers, an instructor’s computer and a multimedia projection system. Students can print from public access PC’s around campus or from their own device to printers located throughout campus. Please check with the IT Support Desk in Library 226 for more information.

Location Number
Library 91 PC's
24 Laptops
8 Printers/Multifunction Devices (Printing/Copying/Scanning)
Thompson Hall 5 PC's
12 Laptops
1 Printer/Multifunction Device (Printing/Copying/Scanning)
Landon Student Union 5 PC's
12 Laptops
1 Printer/Multifunction Device (Printing/Copying/Scanning)
Garner Hall 1 Printer/Multifunction Device (Printing/Copying/Scanning)
Powers Hall 1 Printer/Multifunction Device (Printing/Copying/Scanning)
Wiegand Hall 2 Printer/Multifunction Device (Printing/Copying/Scanning)
Benincasa 1 Printer/Multifunction Device (Printing/Copying/Scanning)
Dalton & Dunspaugh 1 Printer/Multifunction Device (Printing/Copying/Scanning)
Dominican Hall 1 Printer/Multifunction Device (Printing/Copying/Scanning)

IT Support Desk

The IT Support Desk provides a wide range of services for students, including support to students connecting to BarryNet, the University’s wired and wireless network. The Desk also provides support to students accessing online resources such as WebAdvisor and student Barry email accounts. Students are also assisted with username and password issues.

Hours of operation are available from the resources mentioned above.

Barry University has an arrangement with Dell Computer Corporation in which educational pricing is extended to students, faculty, and staff interested in purchasing PC’s, peripherals, and software. Visit for further information.

Computer and Network Usage Policy

This policy can be found in the Policies and Procedure section of this Handbook.

Password Policy

This policy can be found in the Policies and Procedure section of this Handbook.

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