Mission and Student Engagement

Scott F. Smith, Ph.D., Vice President
Maria Luisa Alvarez, Ph.D., Associate Vice President and Dean of Students
Roxanne Davis, Ph.D., Associate Vice President
M. Eileen McDonough, Ed.D., Associate Vice President
AnaMaria Rodriguez, M.S., Executive Assistant

Landon Student Union 300
e-mail: studentservices@lbarry.edu
Web page: http://www.barry.edu/mission-and-student-engagement/

Vision Statement

Our vision, guided by our Catholic Identity, Dominican heritage and University commitments, is to best prepare our students to become “who” they were called to be.

Call To Our Students

"Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire."
St. Catherine of Siena


Student Centered

Students are active participants in their learning and development and we attempt to empower them to assume responsibility for their college experience so that each one might begin to self-author their own transformation into leadership.  Recognizing the unique attributes and characteristics of our students, our work in student affairs focuses on providing programs and services that integrate students’ needs and interests with the Barry University mission and core commitments.

Respect for Self and Others

Individuals must first demonstrate dignity, humility, integrity and pride in and of themselves before they can expect to earn these qualities from others.  In the spirit of community, individuals should extend the same courtesies and privileges to others that are extended to and expected of oneself.

Self-Discovery and Discernment

A vibrant an engaged campus life provides opportunities and experiences for students to question, explore and uncover Who they are and Who they were called to be.  We believe individual transformation and achievement is inherent and we strive to assist students in the process of discerning and responding to their values, beliefs, interests, passions, and convictions. 

Integrated Learning

Our programs offer opportunities for students to reflect upon, connect, synthesize and understand knowledge and experiences in a way that enables them to apply skills and competencies in various personal and professional settings.

Spiritual Formation

We invite our students, where they are, into an active and meaningful relationship with the Divine that is intended towards deepening one’s faith and understanding their capacity to live in a value based community. 

Reflection & Application

Opportunities to mirror, observe, deepen or add complexity to one’s understanding of an idea, concept, or reality, and then to put to special use or purpose what one has realized in the deepening of their understanding is essential.

Personal & Social Responsibility

We believe that students can live up to high standards of personal behavior and demonstrate character and virtue.  The human person is both sacred and social.  By recognizing one’s self in relation to the others and the world, everyone has a social responsibility to contribute to the greater good of Barry University and society.

Diversity & Social Justice

Grounded in our Catholic identity, we believe the inherent dignity of each unique individual is where the moral vision for the Barry community begins.  We seek to explore and understand the multiple dimensions of our identity in a safe and nurturing environment.  We strive to create inclusive and welcoming communities that are characterized by compassion, respect and understanding which in turn cultivate dialogue, exploration, and understanding of our diversity.  In doing so, we will move beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity so that a more humane and just society may prevail.

Service Excellence

Resource allocation will be matched with our vision, mission and actions to ensure goals and expectations are achieved in the interest of student success.

Mission Statement

Division of Mission and Student Engagement intends to create, through collaboration, a vibrant and engaged student learning environment that is characterized by transformative experiences which empower our students with the skills and competencies to be leaders for a just and humane world.

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