Registering Complaints against University Students

If a student wants to file a complaint against another University student, a detailed outline of the procedure to follow exists under the heading Student Conduct of this publication.

Cases of Sexual Misconduct

In cases of registering a complaint against a student on the basis of Sexual Misconduct, please see the detailed outline procedures listed under the heading Sexual Misconduct of this publication.

The University provides options for, and available assistance in, changing academic and living situations after an alleged sexual assault incident, if so requested by the victim and if such changes are reasonably available.


Upon the determination that a student has violated this policy the following sanctions may be imposed but are not limited to: probation, suspension, or expulsion. Upon determination that a University employee has violated this policy, actions that can be taken are illustrated in the appropriate University handbook (i.e., Faculty, Administrative, or Staff). (Approved ECA 6/3/98)

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