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Student Union Office

Mickie Voutsinas, M.B.A., Director
Gaston Arellano, M.P.A., Systems Coordinator
Tiffany Dumant, B.S., Office Service Assistant

Hours of Operation*
Monday-Friday 7:30am- 7:30 pm
Saturday-Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm
*Hours are subject to change during recess periods, summer sessions, and holidays.

Concierge Services

Our qualified staff anticipates and addresses the needs of members of the Barry community as well as visitors.  Some of the services in the Student Union Office include local phone calls, copying, sending and receiving faxes, scanning, and meal plans. 

ID Services

Photo identification cards are issued to each student at the time of their initial registration at the university. It is expected that the ID card will be retained throughout the students' university experience.

Students are expected to carry their ID at all times while on campus.

The card is the property of Barry University and is intended solely for its use. When requested by a University official, students are required to produce their identification. It is not transferable and must be returned upon request. Misuse of the ID card will result in disciplinary action.

Currently, the library, the computer lab, residential parking, and athletic facilities are using our computerized magnetic stripe system. Therefore, those services can only be accessed with a valid ID Card. Sodexo food services and the Follett bookstore also accept the Barry ID Card as a mode of payment. However, money or a meal plan must be added to your ID card prior to make any purchases with your card.

Money can be added to the ID card account at the Cashier’s/Business Office (Farrell Hall). Student ID cards must be validated for each semester.

Lost or Stolen ID card
A lost or stolen ID card must be reported to the Student Union Office as soon as possible.
The cardholder will be liable for all financial transactions including meal plan transactions on the card until it is reported to the Student Union Office as lost or stolen.  By reporting the ID card as lost/stolen, it will be deactivated to prevent misuse and placed on hold.  If found, the cardholder must bring the ID card to the Student Union Office to have the account reactivated.  If the card is not found, the ID card will be reissued with a new encoding card number.  Previous balance and account history will carry forward to the new card.

The fee for reissue of an ID card is $15.  This will be billed to your student account.

Union Facility Services

Room Reservations
The Landon Student Union Hall serves as the primary facility for students to meet and gather on campus.  Student organizations and groups take priority over departmental events in the Landon Student Union.  Specific space within the Union can be reserved for student use on a first come, first served basis.  All Student Union reservations must be requested through the Student Union Office using the online calendar system (EMS).  Request must be submitted by an employee.  For more details, see “Use of University Facilities” in the “Policies and Procedures” section of the Student Handbook or simply stop by our office.

Posting and Publicity
Only registered student organizations, academic units, and university departments and approved non-university entities may publicize in Landon Student Union and Thompson Hall.  All publicity material intended for the Student Union must be approved and by the Student Union Office.  For more details, see "Posting and Publicity Policy" in the "Policies and Procedures" section or simply stop by our office.

Television Services
Messages can be posted on the University Information Channel.  Request must be submitted one week prior to air time and must include air dates.  Registered student organizations and University departments can submit content to

The Student Union Office also manages cable television for all residence halls and campus offices.  Request for cable TV services can be submitted to or by stopping by Landon 103.

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