Student Organizations Directory (A to Z)

OrganizationAdvisorPurpose StatementPresident
All Greek Council (AGC) Derek Bley Members of the All Greek Council will promote the values of Barry University, which include scholarship, service, leadership, citizenship, and Greek unity, provide programs that foster: personal, scholastic, social, leadership, brotherhood/sisterhood development amongst member organizations and their members, promote and survey the interests of the university’s fraternities and sororities as a whole, this includes the consideration that they are viable and valuable to collegiate experiences, facilitate communication and cooperation between member organizations, delegates, presidents and University administration, faculty, student body, other student organizations, and the greater Miami Shores community, act as a forum for discussion of ideas and questions of mutual interest, and to present to the member organizations recommendations that the All Greek Council deems fit, promote the Greek life by informing University members, non-Greek students and the Miami Shores community of the merits and accomplishments of the Greek community, and serve as the governing body for the Barry University Greek Community. Obafemi Olokodana
Alpha Chi Honor Society Carol Warner Alpha Chi is a coeducational national honor society whose purpose is to promote academic excellence and exemplary character among undergraduate students and to honor those who achieve such distinction. Its name derives from the initial letters of the Greek words ALETHEIA, meaning TRUTH, and XARAKTER, meaning CHARACTER. Barry admits no more than the highest ten percent of graduating seniors. For application information, please visit N/A (Moderator)
Alpha Delta Gamma Fraternity Dr. Victor Romano Each ADG member is provided with the opportunity to each his full potential through the five S's: community services, scholarship, spirituality, school spirit and social events. ADG's strive for friendship, even beyond their college years. The Psi Chapter of Alpha Delta Gamma has been a strong force on the Barry University campus for many years. Rafael Brito
Alpha Mu Gamma Honor Society Dr. Blanca Alvarez Alpha Mu Gamma Rho is the honor society which recognizes excellence in achievement in foreign languages as well as in the students overall scholastic program. In addition to encouraging the study of foreign languages, members work towards the realization of friendship, enlightenment, and sympathetic understanding of other peoples and cultures. Alicia Garza
Alpha Phi International Sorority Greta Moncayo Each Alpha Phi member promotes the growth of character, of unity of feeling, of sisterly affection and of social communion among its members. And we who are thus united are under a solemn pledge to lend a helping hand to one another. TBA
Alternative Spring Break (ASB) Christina Leano Alternative Spring Break is a fully engaging experience that takes students out of their comfort zone and allows them to work on projects within different communities. Students are able to work up close with issues such as literacy, racism, poverty, disaster relief, and the environment. The purpose of the program is to give students direct contact with communities they have never encountered; all while helping them to get a broader out look of the world. The intense experience that the program provides for student’s increases the likelihood that they will take the lessons they have learned and apply them back here in our own Barry community, and the greater Miami area. Chelsea Baker
American Medical Students Association (AMSA) Michael Bill To promote active improvement in medical education, involving our members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine, assisting in the improvement and understanding of world health problems and contributing to the welfare of pre-medical students Breyonna Maddox
American Sign Language Club Allison Kowlessar To learn American Sign Language and the deaf culture. Also, to be able to communicate within the deaf community. We also want to have students and faculty experience and interact within a new culture while promoting diversity with the Barry University community. Jennifer Cardenas
Art in Motion Productions Yvonne Goodridge Each AIM member promotes school spirit, strives for excellence in dance and sets and academic and behavioral example for fellow students. AIM will strive to develop and perfect dance skills as they relate to promote dance as a fine art. AIM will represent Barry University appropriately at school functions, as well as performances. Good sportsmanship and conduct of becoming a young woman will be stressed at all times. La'Keisha Davis
B.L.I.S.S. Yvonne Goodridge As a team and organization, B.L.I.S.S. will create an enjoyable connection between African culture and the Barry University community, as well as the greater community, through energetic performances, goal-orientated events, and volunteer projects. Dominique Franklin
Bahamian Student Association (BAHA) Shannon James & Evelyn Cartright BAHA members will untie the Bahamian population at Barry University and educate the student body of the diverse and complex culture of the Bahamian people by hosting cultural events not only consisting of Bahamian students but also other cultural organizations in the Barry Community, provide a stable 'home away from home' environment for all members, advocate their rights and interests of the Bahamian students of varying disciplines, as well as assist with the orientation process of the Bahamian students entering Barry University. Lashanti Jupp
Barry Service Corps Barry Service Corps is a fully engaging experience that takes students out of their comfort zone and allows them to work on projects within different communities. Students are able to work up close with issues such as literacy, racism, poverty, disaster relief, and the environment. The purpose of the program is to give students direct contact with communities they have never encountered; all while helping them to get a broader outlook of the world. The intense experience that the program provides for student’s increases the likelihood that they will take the lessons they have learned and apply them back here in our own Barry community, and the greater Miami area. Shanique Kingston
Barry University Student Alumni Association (BUSAA) Ryan O'Donnell Our mission is to prepare future graduates for a life after commencement enriched with personal and professional skills, connections, and experiences, as well as an everlasting bond with their alma mater developed through interactions with Barry University students, faculty, staff, and most importantly—our Alumni. BOAT vows to further enhance the affinity relationship between Barry University and its future graduates, by instilling a sense of pride and community amongst the current student body and constituency of Alumni. Misael Flores
Beta Beta Beta Honor Society Dr. L Vega Beta Beta Beta is the national biological honorary society. Biology majors who have achieved an overall college grade point average of 2.75 and 2.00 grade point average in biology qualify for membership. The purpose of Beta is to form an honor society for students of the biological sciences and thereby to stimulate sound scholarship, to promote the dissemination of scientific truth, and to encourage investigation in the life sciences. Nicole Lopez
Business Club Dr. Orlando Barreto The Business Club will serve Barry University students who are interested in careers in business, as well as to develop the leadership and organizational abilities of its members.
Campus Activities Board (CAB) Benjamin Otero The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is an advisory committee to the Office of Student Involvement designed in 1991 by the students for the students. CAB is a student-funded and operated organization, open to all Barry University students, which plans, coordinates and presents many of the campus-wide events for students at Barry. By utilizing the student's talents and energies, CAB strives to provide dynamic and diverse programs that meet the needs and interests of the students at our University. Gerladine Bendezu
Caribbean Student Association (CSA) Sonja Archer Thompson Barry's Caribbean Student Association will be to promote and encourage Caribbean cultural awareness on and off campus. To encourage understanding and acceptance of Caribbean culture and lifestyle to Barry University. To develop our members to be future leaders of the Caribbean community and build positive relationships between the Caribbean countries and the world. Teshana Wilkens
Carpe Vegan Ruth Tallman Carpe Vegan shall spread the knowledge of special diets amongst the university's campus and student population; and create a fair eating environment by providing more options for students' dietary needs. Cayleigh Buciak
Cheerleading Team Bacheler Jean Pierre Influenced by the spirit of the student body and traditions held at Barry University, the focus of this organization shall be to encourage and devote school spirit to all Barry University athletic teams, the student body, and student organizations. Breyonna Maddox
Chemistry Club Dr. George Fisher The Chemistry Club will promote professionalism and scholarship in chemistry and the general welfare of its members, will promote and maintain programs that enhance the quality of chemistry in the Barry community, and will increase knowledge of chemistry among members and the public. Hangny Dao
Chi Sigma Iota - Beta Upsilon Student Honor Society Raul Machuca, Ph.D. Chi Sigma Iota is the International Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society established January 1, 1985 by representatives of the Counselor Education training program at Ohio University and leaders in the U.S. counseling profession. The formation of an honor society was seen as a fruitful avenue to provide a much needed link between students, educators, practitioners and administrators in various counseling settings. The purpose of Chi Sigma Iota, International is: to promote scholarship, research, professionalism and excellence in counseling and to recognize high attainment in the pursuit of academic and clinical excellence in the field of counseling. Adam Fishel
Christians at Barry Members of Christians at Barry shall collaboratively seek, read, and enjoy, the Bible as the Word of God. Through the building up of the Christian members and the encouragement of a daily Bible reading, the Christians at Barry will support a close relationship with Jesus Christ, among its members. Francisco Benitez-Cofino
College Democrats Dr. Sean Foreman The purpose shall be to stimulate political thought and activity among the college students of Barry University, promote interest in governmental affairs, and further the philosophy and goals of the Democratic Party. Chris Riker
College Republicans Dr. Sean Foreman The College Republicans will invigorate and maintain the political participation of Barry University students, faculty, and friends across all levels, with a preference for voters that indicate an approval for the club's platform, will make known the goals and ideals of the Republican National Party to the student body of Barry University, and to represent the interests of the Barry University student body to the Republican Party and the FFCR, will create and maintain close and active bonds with Republican members of government at the local, state, and national level as well as fellow members of the Republican Party across the state and country, and will develop political skills and leadership abilities among members as preparation for future service by them to the community and to the party. Laura Loomer
Dance Team Yvonne Goodridge The Dance Team will promote school spirit, strive for excellence in dance and to set an academic and behavioral example for fellow students. The dance team will strive to develop and perfect dance skills as they relate to promote dance as a fine art. The Dance Team will represent Barry University appropriately at athletic events and school functions, as well as competitive dance events and performances. Good sportsmanship and conduct becoming a young woman will be stressed at all times. Breeya Harrison
Delta Epsilon Iota (DEI) Kimberly Timpone Delta Epsilon Iota (DEI) is Barry University’s Career and Academic Honor Society. Dedication, Enthusiasm and Initiative are the three key values that DEI members hold. If you have a sophomore status and at least a 3.3 GPA, then you have the opportunity to be a part of this elite group of students that share a common passion for achieving their goals and recognizing the importance of academics and career. Bibiana Potestad
Delta Epsilon Sigma Honor Society Blanca F. Alvarez Delta Epsilon Sigma is a national honor society for students, faculty, and alumni of colleges and universities with a Catholic tradition. It was founded in 1939 to recognize academic accomplishments, to foster scholarly activities, and to encourage a sense of intellectual community among its members. For application information, please visit: Moderator & President
English Association Dr. Bradley Bowers The English Association is a group of students with a love for books, movies, writing, and other forms of artistic expression. We bring students together in an informal setting to discuss a variety of topics related to the humanities. We hope you will join us in expressing our passion for creativity. Enrique Alvarado
Ethical Sports Association Edward DeMott To provide and guide personal enhancement coaching skills within an organization dedicated to the conception and awareness of students who have the capability of living and teaching happier and healthier lives to athletes. The coaching club organization at Barry University will work with our members to help them attain to the next level of fulfilled success and life mastery of coaching and working within athletics. We will support them by all means of identifying and understanding their challenges, and assisting them in the discovery of alternative solutions in all situations they will face. We are passionately committed to guiding our students to use their resources and ethics to coach or work business within sports. Our aspiration is to enhance the quality of coaching and life to each student we encounter regardless of their gender, social, ethic, or religious background. Tristan Alexander
Gamma Sigma Epsilon Honor Society Dr.  George Fisher Gamma Sigma Epsilon is a national chemistry honor society that recognizes outstanding student performance in chemistry. A nominee must have a 3.00 average in a minimum of 16 credits of chemistry and an overall GPA of at least 3.00. Membership is open to chemistry majors and other science majors who meet the above minimum requirements. Those who do not meet the membership requirements are still welcome to attend meetings and participate in the chapter activities. Adauri Soprani
Graduate Association of Students in Psychology (GASP) Dr. Linda Bacheller Members in GASP will create an open environment that attracts, develops, and rewards highly professional and effective people, as well as support services to the South Florida community. Shanna Suttington
Haitian Inter-Cultural Association (HICA) Evelyn Cartwright Each HICA member will promote Haitian Culture, provide services for the community, build up intellectual enrichment, promote school spirit, provide opportunities for students to develop intellectually, socially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically through a spirit of cooperation and mutual partnership among students, faculty, and staff, and to advocate Haitian tourism. Tracy Vertus
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Victoria Champion The fundamental purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi is honorable achievement in every field of human endeavor. Ten astute men from Indiana University visualized the founding of this fraternity on a predominantly White campus in 1911. It was the vision to sow the seed of a fraternal tree whose fruit is available to, and now enjoyed by, college men everywhere, regardless of their color, religion or national origin. Christopher Champion
Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society Kappa Delta Pi is an international honor society in education, invites to membership those who have attained excellence in scholarship and distinction of achievement in the field of professional education. Qualifications for undergraduates include full junior status, at least twelve semester hours of professional education, and a 3.50 grade point average. Graduate students must have at least twelve semester hours of graduate work in professional education completed at Barry and a 3.70 grade point average in graduate courses. Christine M Rosario
Kappa Gamma Pi Honor Society Sr. Sara Fairbanks Kappa Gamma Pi seeks members who strive for a high standard of personal Christian excellence and scholarship. The society also seeks to encourage individual and group initiative and participation in local and national church and secular affairs; and to awaken a spirit of Christian leadership among the undergraduates of Kappa affiliated colleges and universities. The Greek phrase Kappa Gamma Pi stands for Catholic Women Leaders. The original name has been retained because of its importance in the society's history. However, both non-Catholics and men are joyfully welcomed to the membership of Kappa Gamma Pi each year. The society's motto is faith and service.  For application information pleae visit N/A (Moderator)
Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Daisy Santiago Lambda Theta Phi will serve as a source of support for students and professionals in pursuit of an education or career while promoting Latin unity. Ramon Gutierrez
Latin American Student Association Reynaldo Soares Members of LASA are determined to define their Hispanic heritage in American political and social context. Acknowledging that 2,418 students enrolled at Barry are Hispanics, LASA will promote the Latin American culture and enhance cultural diversity on campus as well as work together to empower their community and contribute to the welfare of society. Bethany Parada
Men Achieving Leadership, Excellence, and Success (M.A.L.E.S.) Lucas Naboa & Trevian Carmichael Members of M.A.L.E.S will improve the image, leadership qualities, and communication skills of the Barry man, create programs and activities that will benefit the school and its student body, act as support for the community and service projects and other events presented by already established organizations on campus, develop and support the Brotherhood among members, and provide personal and professional opportunities to members. Kevin Dalia
Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS) Stephanie Bingham The members of the Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS) hereby commit ourselves to develop workable programs for the preparation of students entering health-related careers, sponsor programs for at-risk youth to encourage their entrance into health professions, and raise health career interests of African American, Hispanic American, Native American, and other students from under-represented populations. We will maintain an atmosphere in which academic excellence and ethical principles will be upheld. Roberto Alouidor
Model United Nations Dr. Sean Foreman Members of the Model United Nations will promote the mandates of the United Nations, provide services for the community, build up intellectual enrichment, promote school spirit, provide opportunities for students to develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically through a spirit of cooperation and mutual partnership among students, faculty, and staff as well as advocate social justice. Kevin Dalia
Nursing Students' Association Lauren Schwal & Faye Milne Kristan Best
Opulent Image Models Lorean Mapp Opulent Image Models is firm on setting the precedent that quality and sophistication is the key to success within the fashion world. OI Models focuses on recognizing and nurturing new talent of students interested in the fashion Industry. With this focus, our goal is to educate the masses about all aspects of the Fashion Industry and to hold several diverse fashion shows on the Barry University campus and local community throughout the year. Kiara Loring
Order of Omega Derek Bley Order of Omega is an honor society for members of Greek organizations. The organization recognizes juniors and seniors who have exemplified high standards in the areas of scholarship, leadership, involvement within their respective organization and within the Greek, campus and local community. Members are selected from the top 3% of Greeks at each institution. Order of Omega now has over 500 chapters in the United States and Canada, and over 200,000 members! Cassandra Denning
Order of Omega Greek Honor Society Kristy Pacheco Order of Omega is a honor society for members of Greek organizations. The organization recognizes juniors and seniors who have exemplified high standards in the areas of scholarship, leadership, involvement within their respective organization and within the Greek, campus and local community. Members are selected from the top 3% of Greeks at each institution. Order of Omega now has over 500 chapters in the United States and Canada, and over 200,000 members! Gina King
Pals-4-Paws Leslie Edwards Each Pals 4 Paws member will promote and maintain a healthy catch, spay/neuter, release program for the feral cats found on the campus of Barry University and will also be responsible for all of the stray animals that are found on or surrounding the campus area. Kelly Hough
Phi Alpha Delta Pre Law Fraternity Jesus Mendez The purpose of this fraternity shall be to form a strong bond uniting students and teachers of the law with members of the Bench and Bar in a freternal fellowship designed to advance the ideals of liberty and equal justice under law; to stimulate excellence in scholarship; to inspire the virtues of compassion and courage; to foster integrity and professional competence; to promote the welfare of its members; and to encourage their moral, intellectual and cultural advancement; so that each memeber may enjoy a lifetime of honorable professional and public service. Bibiana Potestad
Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society Dr. Timothy Smith Phi Alpha Theta is an international honor society in history. It is composed of students and professors elected to membership because of excellence in the study or the writing of history. Its objectives are to promote the study of history by encouraging research, good teaching, publication, and exchanges of learning among historians. To carry out its objectives, Phi Alpha Theta holds biennial conventions and offers awards for scholarly achievement.
Phi Beta Delta for International Scholars Tran Nguyen Phi Beta Delta, Honor Society for International Scholars, Inc., a California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, shall be governed in accordance with the Laws of the State of California, with the Corporation's Articles of Incorporation. This Corporation will be referred to herein as the "Society", and the Board of Directors will be referred to as the "Board" Khalid Alfallatah
Phi Delta Kappa Honor Society Dr. Jill Farrell Phi Delta Kappa is an international association of professional educators. Our mission is to promote quality education, with particular emphasis on publicly supported education, as essential to the development and maintenance of a democratic way of life. Carmen McCrink
Phi Epsilon Kappa Honor Society Dr. Gayle Workman/ Dr. Leta Hicks Phi Epsilon Kappa is a national professional fraternity for persons engaged in or pursuing careers in health, physical education, recreation or safety. Membership is open to persons interested in the purpose of the Fraternity and in providing time and energy for the benefit of the areas which include: physical education, health, recreation, dance, human performances, exercise science, sports medicine and sports management.
Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society Dr. George Cvejanovich Phi Eta Sigma is a national honor society inspired by the past and dedicated to the future whose goal is to encourage and reward academic excellence among freshmen in institutions of higher learning. The oldest and largest freshman honor society, Phi Eta Sigma was founded at the University of Illinois on March 22, 1923, and now has more than three hundred chapters throughout the United States and more than 700,000 members. Phi Eta Sigma was voted membership into the Association of College Honor Societies in 1937. Only three societies have had longer continuous membership. For application information please visit N/A (Moderator)
Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority Dr. Laura Finley Members of Phi Sigma Sigma will consist of active members, initiated and maintained as provided in these bylaws and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the National Constitution of Phi Sigma Sigma Fraternity and the administration of Barry University. Samantha Brea
Philosophy Club Dr. Ruth Tallman Philosophy Club members will provide students interested in the study of philosophy with a venue in which to learn more about the discipline as well as the opportunity to engage in philosophical reasoning and dialogue with their peers. Cheryl Frazier
Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society Dr. Lisa Konczal & Dr. Fernando Perez Pi Gamma Mu was founded in 1924 by the deans of the College of William and Mary in Virginia and of Southwestern College of Kansas. It is the oldest, largest and most significant of the honor societies broadly concerned with the social sciences. The purpose of Pi Gamma Mu is to foster excellence in the social sciences and to promote cooperation among them. The motto of the society is “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” An individual may be invited or may petition to join Pi Gamma Mu when he/she is a junior, senior or graduate student in the upper 35 percent of the class, has at least 20 semester hours in social science and has a grade point average of 3.00 or better. Lindsay Deveau
Pinky Promise Katherine McCrath Pinky Promise will allow women of the Christian faith to build a strong network within Barry's Community, through learning and growing with each other in Christ. Samantha Mauldin
Practice Respect Individuality Diversity Empowerment (P.R.I.D.E) Dr. James Scott Members of P.R.I.D.E. will provide empowerment and education on the topics of sexual orientation and gender identity. Stands against hate crimes, promote awareness as well as partake in the fight for equal rights. Furthermore, members will provide a safe haven and social network for members of the GLBTQ community. Jet'aime Petty
Pre-Physician Assistant Student Association (PASA) Dr. Christopher Hergarter To provide students with quality information, knowledge and volunteering opportunities that will prepare each member with a smooth transition from undergraduate or graduate school to any Physician Assistant program. This club is not affiliated with any other groups or organizations. Christina Dampman
Psi Chi Honor Society Dr. David Feldmen Psi Chi is a national honor society in psychology. Second semester juniors and seniors who have a 3.50 grade point average are eligible for membership. Melissa Balgobin
Psychology Club Dr. Pamela Hall The Psychology Club will educate members, as well as the Barry University community about the various fields in psychology. Elizabeth McNally
Residence Hall Association Alberto Lorenzo Members of the Residence Hall Association will promote a favorable environment for study, relaxation, and fellowship for resident students. To this end, this council will promote and maintain wholesome and pleasant living conditions in the residence halls of Barry University. This Association will encourage better relations and more cooperation between residence halls and act as a liaison between the residents and the administration. This is a service organization for the students who reside in University Housing.
Service for Peace We, the members of Service For Peace Campus Corps hereby associate ourselves to reduce and eliminate the tension, communication barriers, and misunderstanding among the multi-racial, multi- cultural, multi- ethnical, multi-religious, and multi-socioeconomic classes in our community as well to give a sense of community ownership. Phillipe Crevecoeur
Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society LaKima Garnett To assist college students in creating the lives they desire, by helping students discover what they truly want to do, and to give them the support and tools to achieve their goals. LaKima Garnett (Advisor)
Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society Dr. Lillian Schanfield Sigma Tau Delta is an international English honor society to advance the study of literary masterpieces, to encourage worthwhile reading, to promote the mastery of written expression, and to foster a spirit of intellectual comradeship among students of the English language and literature. Mary Naiad Lopez
Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society Dr. Carolyn Le Page Sigma Theta Tau is an international honor society in nursing. The purpose of this society is to recognize superior scholastic achievement and professional leadership in the field of nursing. Membership is open to juniors, seniors and RN-BSNs in the top third of their class. Dr. Claudette Spalding
Smart Talks J. R. Steele & Sean Erwin Members of Smart Talks will nurture the social environment at Barry University by providing an opportunity for students to enhance their awareness of world issues, while building communication skills, through the discussion of ideas with peers outside the classroom. As a result of these stimulating conversations, the club will nurture those willing to turn these ideas into action. Ludny Jean-Baptiste
SPEAK UP Alexia Freeman and Laura Testiler The purpose of SPEAK UP shall be to try to make a difference in the lives of those who are being bullied. We want others to SPEAK UP when someone is being bullied. Yadira Santana
Sports Management Association Jamie Carrig The mission of the Sport Management Association is to make a positive impact on its members and the community through sport related education, networking, fundraising, events, and experiences. Donte Roberts
Sports Medicine Club German Hall The Sports Medicine Club members will provide knowledge and support to all students aspiring to be Certified Athletic Trainers, as well as those interested in what this career consists of. Marica Ilich
Strong Women Strong Girls Paola Moreno and Tisa McGhee The objectives of this organization are to engage college-age women in improving the lives, skills, and self-worth of elementary school girls in the Miami-Dade area. Specifically, this chapter will provide Barry University Students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful volunteer service activites, within their community as volunteer mentors working with elementary school-girls in grades 3-5. Jessica Dietzel
Student Ambassador Team Ernia Evans The student ambassadors represent an integral part of the University’s admissions process. They provide the vial link for those future leaders who strive to attend Barry University to further their education. They are comprised of an elite group of domestic and international students and represent various facets of culture, creed and religion. Through their diversity, education and experiences, they promote leadership, friendship and understanding throughout the depths of the Barry community. N/A (contact Advisor)
Student Government Association (SGA) Brett Klein Student Government gives every undergraduate student the chance to practice and develop leadership skills while representing their peers and improving the University and student life. Students involved in Student Government have the chance to interact with the University administration and faculty and work in a collaborative manner to better Barry University. Student Government members are respected as leaders of the student body, and their input is often sought in making important decisions for the University. Lavelle Dunn
Student National Podiatric Medicine Association (SNPMA) Dr. Albert Armstrong The members of SNPMA unite to promote ethnic equality, to represent in one organization all ethnic minority students, to effectuate fellowship between all students, to maintain and sustain a high degree of professionalism amongst all students, to promote the recruitment and retention of ethnic minority students and to promote a channel of communication between ethnic minority students and members if the American Podiatric Medical Students Association (APMSA), National Podiatric Medical Association (NPMA), and American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). Rishad Ahmed
Student Organization Council (SOC) Michael Malinowski Members of the STUDENT ORGANIZATION COUNCIL (herein known as SOC) are to act as advocates for all recognized clubs and organizations. The Student Organization Council believes that clubs and organizations are the life of the campus and an individual’s decision to get involved is essential to truly enjoying their college years. To ensure that student involvement in a club or organization is a rewarding experience SOC will provide leadership opportunities, strive to develop a spirit of unity, and represent the interest of all organizations while catering to the needs of all student leaders. Additionally, SOC will assist organizations and help them to remain in good standing with the council, as well as encourage interaction and communication among organizations and students to increase awareness of the clubs and organizations at Barry University. Alicia Dallas
Student Social Work Association Jennifer Williams The members of the Student Social Work Association will associate themselves to support and strengthen the School of Social Work, improve professionalism for students, enhance the educational process, promote communicative relations among students, faculty and staff, local community, and form a continuing network upon support network for active members and vow to uphold the NASW Code of ethics. Christine Anderson
Students for Social Justice Christina Leano The purpose of this organization is to promote social justice for various injustices in society. The goals of this organization is to efficiently spread awareness, put forth effective action, and provide the help needed for various injustices. Affiliation: This organization will be affiliated with Student Farmworker Alliance. Aaron Mohammed
Students of Diversity for Success Dr. Laura Finley Members of Student of Diversity for Success will bring together a network of students to create a system of support and empowerment, will strive for academic excellence, will create social awareness, and will service the community. While maintaining an open mind and respect, members will also educate themselves and others about economic, social, and cultural diversity and the issues cultures face. Jennifer Martinez
Tennis on Campus Maria Lopez Tennis on Campus looks to provide recreational and competitive tennis activity for students at the University. Competition will take place within the club and also with other university club teams. Kamilla Irgasheva
The Barry Buccaneer Susannah Nesmith The Barry Buccaneer is the student newspaper, ranging from 8-16 pages and published at the first of every month starting in September and ending with May. The Buccaneer serves as a laboratory for the journalism minors. All work, including writing, editing, advertising and design, is completed by students. Rosayda Gomez
Theta Alpha Kappa Honor Society Dr. Gloria L. Schaab, SSJ Theta Alpha Kappa is a national honor society in theology, has for its purpose the promotion of excellence and scholarship in the fields of religious studies and religious education. It is open to persons of all faiths. Members are encouraged to provide scholarly lectures and contribute articles for national publication. N/A (Moderator)
Toastmasters Fay Roseman The mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth. Carmen Bolivar
Veteran Students Organization Dr. Theresa Petrino-Lin & Ms. Cherrie Ali Each members of VSO will provide a support system on campus for veteran students to achieve their academic goals here at Barry. Furthermore, members will provide a means for social interaction and an outlet to share experience and information beneficial to veterans. Rafael Brango
WBRY Radio Station Adam Dean The WBRY Radio Station provides training in broadcasting for students and to educate and inform the Barry campus about alternative music and educational broadcasting. Sophia Ritter

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