Welcome To The Department Of Theology And Philosophy

Gloria Schaab, SSJ, PhD

The disciplines of theology and philosophy provide distinct, yet complementary, foundations for your search for truth and meaning in the light of human experience. Each enables you to examine your relationships with God and transcendent reality, with culture and social constructs, and with the world and its inhabitants, human and non-human alike. Guiding your education is a faculty committed to discovering the relationship between the study of theology and philosophy and the pursuit of transformative action, especially as found in the Roman Catholic intellectual tradition, Catholic Social Teaching, and Dominican heritage.

In addition to our undergraduate programs in theology and philosophy, we invite you to explore our graduate programs in theology and ministry with their distinctive synthesis of academic rigor and ministerial formation. Our Master's degrees in Practical Theology and Ministry and in Pastoral Ministry for Hispanics prepare you for pastoral ministry as well as for further academic study. Our Doctor of Ministry program enables experienced ministers to integrate advanced academic insights and enhanced pastoral skills into their ministerial leadership. In conjunction with our graduate programs, Barry University’s Institute for Hispanic/Latino Theology and Ministry provides you with the necessary background to be part of the growing dialogue with the cultural and theological world of Latinoas.

Please consider joining us as we foster Barry’s Mission of “individual and communal transformation where learning leads to knowledge and truth, reflection leads to informed action, and a commitment to social justice leads to collaborative service.”

Gloria L. Schaab, SSJ, PhD
Chair and Professor of Theology


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