Study Options-Graduate Students

You may be wondering if you can fit a graduate program in theology into your busy schedule. Recognizing that you are a working professional, we have designed three study options that keep your other responsibilities in mind. The Winter and Summer Term Study Option even allows you to pursue a graduate degree from Barry University while residing in another area of Florida or out-of-state, without sacrificing the benefits of traditional classroom instruction and collegial discussion.

Traditional-Semester Study Option

Classes meet once per week for three hours in the evenings. You can choose to enroll in one to three courses per semester. This study option gives you flexibility and control over your schedule. Students in South Florida find the traditional semester format especially appealing. Please note: Coursework in Hispanic/Latino Theology and Ministry is also offered only during the winter and summer terms.

Winter and Summer Study Option

This option entails a full 14 weeks of study. Classes are held daily for two weeks at Barry's Miami Shores Campus. Prior to this two-week residency period, a six-week pre-residency period gives you time to read all required texts and complete pre-residency assignments. Following your two-week residency period, you will have six weeks to complete final assignments, generally involving a research paper.

Study-through-the-Year Option

Some students take classes in both the traditional semester and the winter and summer terms. The Study-through-the-Year Option can enable you to complete the degree quicker and gives you a broader selection of courses. Coursework in Hispanic/Latino Theology and Ministry, for example, is offered only during the winter and summer terms.