Career Services

We encourage all students to visit the Career Center early in their program of study. Your skill building for your job search can also be enhanced by attending the events offered through Career Services.

If you are getting your bachelor's degree, but have not yet defined your major, we can still be of assistance. Keep in mind that many employers require a bachelor's degree for entry level positions – but do not require a specific major. Positions requiring a master's degree, on the other hand, are often specific to the field. Whatever your level of study (graduate or undergraduate), we have the training and resources needed to assist you.

Convenient Hours

During the academic year, we are open:

Monday-Wednesday - 9am-5pm; 5-8pm by appointment
Thursday-Friday - 9am-5pm

Career-related Events

Industry-specific career fairs: Barry University hosts several industry-specific Career Fairs, open to all students and alumni, on our main campus in Miami Shores. Organizations from a variety of career fields are present to discuss opportunities for full-time, part-time or internship positions.

Mock Interview Day: This event enables you to practice your interviewing skills with representatives from area organizations. Interview with a variety of recruiters and get feedback on how to improve your interviewing skills! This event ends with an employer panel discussing dress-for-success.

Dine-like-a-Diplomat: An annual Dine-like-a-Diplomat gives you the opportunity to learn correct etiquette for business and formal luncheons and dinners. The skills you will learn during this three-course meal will boost your confidence and may be the key in separating yourself from peers and impressing employers.

Annual Open House: At the beginning of every fall semester, the Career Services Open House gives you a chance to meet the staff, see the office, and learn about our services.

Internship Panel/Luncheon: At this luncheon event attendees hear from company representatives and Barry interns about applying for and securing an internship, as well as what it is like to intern at particular organizations.

On-campus Interviews: Barry's employer partners are invited to conduct first-round screening and interviews on campus in the Career Center. Positions are posted and advertised, along with the company's interview date.

Information Sessions: Barry invites employers to offer information sessions on what their organization does and how students can apply for positions.

Start Early: Remember, don't wait until after graduation to start your career search! Your last terms are stressful enough; having a resume that only requires tweaking is a lot less stressful than starting from scratch. With our help, you could be well on your way to landing a desirable position by the end of your last semester of study. Even after graduation, we will still be available to assist if you should decide to change jobs or want to advance in your career.

More information: If you would like more information, you can reach us at or 305-899-4010.