Tuition and Fees Reported to the VA

Due to the changes with the Post 9/11 GI Bill® that went into effect in August 2011, the Veterans Administration requires schools to deduct institutional aid and grants that are designated solely for tuition and fees when certifying your enrollment for the semester.

Financial aid awards to be deducted before reporting your tuition to the VA include the following:

  • Barry Scholarship
  • Florida Resident Access Grant (FRAG)
  • Any other types of institutional aid designated for tuition and fees

Please note this list is not exhaustive. You may contact a VA Certifying Official for further information.

Title IV Financial aid funds are not deducted from tuition reported to the VA and include the following:

  • Barry Access Grant
  • PELL Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  • Florida Student Assistance Grant (FSAG)
  • Work Study
  • Stafford, Perkins and Parent PLUS Loans

Enrollment Status Reporting for Veteran Graduate Students:

  • Effective Spring 2015 Term: for Spring and Fall enrollment, 6 credits will be considered ½ time enrolled and 9 credits will be remain as full-time. PACE students taking only 3 credits in each mini term (A&B) will be considered ½ time enrolled.
  • Effective Summer 2015 Term: 5 credits will be considered ¾ time enrolled and 3 credits will be considered ½ time enrolled. This enrollment is based on courses taken throughout Summer I and II. Students attending courses throughout one summer term only, will be subject to the same rules. (i.e., student takes 5 credits during Summer I; the student is considered ¾ time enrolled during Summer I only.)

**As you know, in order to be eligible for the Basic Allowance Housing (BAH) you must be enrolled more than ½ time. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT STUDENTS WITH ½ TIME ENROLLMENT OR BELOW, ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE THE BASIC ALLOWANCE HOUSING (BAH).