Center for Academic Success and Advising (CASA)

Through a range of customized services — from First-Year Academic Advising and individualized academic success coaching to professional tutoring to financial aid counseling — CASA ensures that students have the support they need to realize their full potential at Barry University. Our team of expert coaches and advisors collaborates across campus systems, working with faculty and administrators to provide academic resources necessary for each student to become an independent and confident learner. CASA strives to foster the skills and mindset needed for students to achieve their fullest potential and realize their successes.

What Barry Students Are Saying About CASA

CASA makes you feel like you’re with family. I stop in everyday-to talk, do homework, or just get advice."

Johanssen Granoit

CASA is one of the best elements our University has to offer! It has helped me tremendously in achieving all of my academic goals so far, I truly recommend it to all students!"

Janexy Sanchez

CASA has benefited me greatly here at Barry University. My academic coach has helped me plan out the courses I have to take in order to reach my ultimate goal at Barry. The services that the tutoring center provides have not only made me a better student, but have helped me think at a level I never thought possible."

Patricia Lopez

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