Glenn Hubert Learning Center

The Glenn Hubert Learning Center, located in Garner 113, serves as a primary resource for all undergraduate, graduate, and adult learners at Barry University. The mission of the Glenn Hubert Learning Center is to develop independent, successful learners through the provision of professionally designed and delivered academic services. The Glenn Hubert Learning Center actively seeks to provide professional assistance to all University departments in meeting the academic needs of their students. Emphasis is on provision of strategies to meet the demands of successful college writing, reading, mathematics, critical-thinking, and test-taking. The Glenn Hubert Learning Center offers this intensive instruction through individual and small group work with professional staff, collaborative study groups, and technology-based, independent learning groups using computer-assisted and videotaped materials.

The Glenn Hubert Learning Center provides a variety of scheduled seminars. Supplemental support seminars are offered to support specific courses in the academic disciplines. In addition, special support seminars are provided for students, focusing on developing skills and strategies necessary to academic success.

The Glenn Hubert Learning Center has a Writing Center, Mathematics Laboratory, and a Reading Center, which are open throughout the day and evening where the students work largely on a one-to-one basis with a professional staff. The Writing Center provides writing assistance to the University community and serves the undergraduate population’s needs for writing essays and research papers and assists graduate and postgraduate students with specific writing problems. The Mathematics Laboratory offers a full range of support for students on a one-to-one basis, supporting courses ranging from basic developmental mathematics through calculus, trigonometry, physics, and statistics. The Reading Center provides diagnostic testing, individualized one-to-one tutoring, and computer-based instruction to students who wish to improve their reading comprehension, reading fluency, vocabulary development, and study skills.

The Glenn Hubert Learning Center provides a review course for GKT Mathematics preparation (MA 010). Independent preparation through computer-assisted and instructional modules is available to students.

The Glenn Hubert Learning Center administers and/or directs a wide range of assessment measures. It is responsible for placement testing of incoming students in English, Reading, French, Math, Spanish, Computer Science, and Chemistry as well as providing additional specific evaluations as requested by students or faculty. An English Assessment Test is administered at the request of the individual schools. Diagnostic and achievement tests are administered through the Reading Center.