Technology Resources on Campus

Barry University provides a vast amount of resources that you can take advantage of as a student.

The IT Service Desk is your technological resource for any help that you need for email trouble, synchronizing your mobile device with your student email, computer troubleshooting, and any technical issues with the Wi-Fi on campus.

It's nice to know that the support desk is always available, but you may not need the IT Desk's help because you can connect to Wi-Fi from anywhere on campus or use the computer lab, which is located in the Monsignor William Barry Library. The Wi-Fi not only extends throughout almost 100% range of the entire campus, but there is also free access to the internet using the BarryUGuest network for parents and the rest of the community.

The Mosignor William Barry Library houses at least 56 computers with the latest software and has an extensive research collection with more than 950,000 physical items, over 40,000 print and online journal subscriptions, and several thousand online books and streaming video resources. You can check out the latest films on demand as the library has a vast selection to choose from for fun or for your next research paper.

Don't have a laptop or computer? Or maybe you just need to borrow a laptop for a couple of hours to finish that paper in a quiet space? You can now rent out laptops as well through a Kiosk in the library for two hours as a temporary solution for research, an assignment, and more!

No matter what you need, the Department of Information Technology is committed to providing excellent, innovative technical tools for Barry's students, faculty, and staff.

Take advantage of the latest version of Adobe Photoshop or other programs available with the latest version of Adobe's Suite in each computer in the library.

There are plenty of other resources that you can take advantage of other than the library. Make sure to benefit from Barry's new applications online.

If you log on to, you can get access to a variety of programs that would otherwise put a dent in your pocket. You'll have access to Microsoft's Word, Access, Excel, and PowerPoint right at your fingertips.

With the new apps online, you can also get intricate coding software such as Adobe's Dreamweaver and more. If you're a business or math major, you might be interested in software such as IBM SPSS Statistics 19 or IBM SPSS 20v.

There are always errands that occur in life that may have you feeling stressed. Barry University wants to help with some of the burdens that plague you by providing quick and easy solutions to everyday tasks.

The R. Kirk Landon Student Union provides a Bookstore inside the union that can help you with everyday purchases or materials that you need for a class.

Are you having trouble studying or concentrating? Get help from the Glenn Hubert Learning Center located in Garner Hall.The center can help you with tutoring in science, math, reading, writing, and give you access to a multitude of learning tools and supplemental education. The learning center also is the home to the Center for Advanced Learning, which caters to college students with learning disabilities and/or attention problems.