Archery, Bowling, and Dancing

Looking for ways to stay in shape or meet new people on campus? Barry's Department of Campus Recreation & Wellness is offering the Barry community three fun ways to make exercise a social sport.

"At this point, we know what our crowd at Barry likes and we're trying to cater to that," said Andy Havens, intramural coordinator for Campus Recreation and Wellness (CRW).

Archery at Barry University

Bringing back one of Barry's original physical education classes from the 1940s, CRW hosts three different archery classes, offering beginners and experts alike the chance to hone their bowman skills.

In Archery I, beginners learn the fundamentals of archery: how to hold a bow, how to load arrows, how to strategically shoot, and how to follow proper safety measures. From safety to scoring, students spend the semester mastering the practices of the bow and arrow and then have the opportunity to step into the role of instructor by planning and leading an actual class.

For more advanced archers, Archery II expands this leadership role by incorporating a creative element into the class. Students learn to instruct others by designing original and inventive presentations to facilitate the learning process. One student, Havens said, designed an archery version of Black Jack by placing playing cards on the target, so that students could practice different angles of shooting while attempting to get "21." Another student developed an archery tic-tac-toe, allowing students to practice hitting a target while exercising their minds at the same time.

Sharna Daniel, a senior at Barry who took Archery I and II, never thought she'd enjoy the sport but decided to take the class with a friend who was interested.

"My friend convinced me to sign up for the class with her, and I loved it," Daniel said. "It helped me with my posture and toward the end of the class, I became pretty good at shooting the arrow … What also made the class fun was the random selection of students that you meet doing the class with you."

Archery at Barry University

Open Recreation Archery, an option for those not enrolled in an ISR archery class, invites all learning levels to participate once a week during a one-hour free-form session. Beginner students can gain valuable practice by working with advanced students who offer their best tricks and tips for the sport.

While CRW's archery classes highlight a classic sport, its Intramural Bowling League offers a modernized approach to another timeless sport. Taking place at Lucky Strike Lanes on South Beach, this is not your typical bowling league. The lounge-like atmosphere creates a futuristic feel with neon lights, art, music, and entertainment, fusing the elements of a traditional bowling alley with a lively South Beach hangout.

Barry University bowling

Barry faculty, staff, and students can join teams competing in either a competitive or recreational division, which meet together at the ultra-modern venue once a week for a 10-week period.

"Barry's bowling league at Lucky Strike was a great experience from beginning to end," said David Jeannot, communications assistant in Barry's Office of Communications. "Not only did the league allow me to relax after a long week of work, but it gave me a chance to get to know a lot of my colleagues ... It's just nice to see people let loose and mingle with all levels of faculty and staff."

Barry University bowling

Taking a cue from ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," CRW's "Partner Dancing" also puts the spotlight on the social side of fitness with lessons in popular partner dances such as the East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and Cha Cha.

Taught by a professional western dance instructor, the one-hour wellness course is open to students, faculty, and staff of all skill levels. Participants learn the different dance techniques and then practice the patterns by teaming up with partners in the class.

"It brings a social aspect to exercise," said Debra Pantaleo, Barry staff member. "We leave sweating, but we laugh and have fun…There is a camaraderie that builds up between people in the class, and it's a good way of meeting people around campus."

Participants are also encouraged to supplement their in-class skills by attending free dance trainings held in South Florida, such as free line dancing lessons at Round Up in Davie, adding yet another social element to the class.

In addition to various ISR courses, wellness drop-in classes, and intramurals offered on Barry's campus, CRW offers other recreation opportunities on Barry's campus, taking place from morning to night. The fitness center is open seven days a week, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. most weekdays, and other recreational activities, such as soccer and basketball, are hosted daily and open to the entire campus community.

"There are opportunities for people to recreate all day," Havens said.

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