How long will it take?

The MS in ACC program consists in 10 courses of 3 semester credit hours each or 30 credits. (Students coming into the program without the requisite undergraduate curriculum will have to take prerequisite classes that will bring the number of total credits above 30.)

Students may progress through the program by taking one, two, three, or four classes a term. Our program is truly flexible and an advisor will work with you to devise the scheduling that best fits your individual circumstances.

A typical full-time load (as recognized by INS for student visa eligibility) is 9 credits per term or three courses per term. Our course offerings are spread throughout the academic year (Fall, Spring, and Summer) so that a typical full-time student would complete the program in 1 year, taking 3, 3 and 4 courses in three consecutive terms.

A typical part-time working adult undertakes 2 classes a term and finishes the program in 5 terms including at least one summer term. Many professional adults prefer taking only 1 class in Spring to accommodate the spike of work confronting them at tax-time, those students would complete the program in 6 terms, including summers.