Dengue Prevention

Dengue Prevention

PREVENTION ….the most important step:

 •Outdoors-clean water containers like pet watering containers, flower planter dishes or cover water storage barrels

•Indoors- Standing water in vases with fresh flowers should be cleaned at least once a week

•Use repellent on your skin while indoors or out. When possible, wear long sleeves and pants for additional protection

•Make sure window and door screens are secure and without holes. If available, use air-conditioning

•Sleep under a mosquito bed net, eliminate mosquitoes you find indoors and wear repellent!


Symptoms of Dengue:

•Eye Pain
•Muscle Aches
•Joint Pain
•Back Pain

No Vaccine Available

No specific medications to treat Dengue 

Please contact (305-899-3750) or visit the Student Health Center at Landon 104 if you think you may have Dengue!