Course Descriptions

ENG 348: Caribbean Literature

Study of representative works from the region commonly known as the Caribbean. Texts are examined within their sociopolitical and historical contexts.

ENG 352: African American Literature Survey

African American literature introduces students to the body of work that constitutes the African American literary tradition, with emphasis on the historical, social and political conditions that frame the emergence of this body of work and its evolution.

ENG 429: English Studies

In-depth study of selected literary topics, works, figures, and genres. ENG 429 may be repeated as long as course content varies with each repetition.

DAN 199/300: Special Topics - Dances of the African Diaspora

Theoretical and practical examination of dances of the African Diaspora utilizing body/mind ideologies in order to learn the classic movement vocabulary and investigate individual search for development of characteristics of style.

DAN 199/300: Special Topics - Caribbean Rhythm and Culture

Content to be determined each semester by the Department as requested by faculty and/or students to fill specified needs or interests.

HIS 388: History of the Caribbean

Survey of the history of the main island nations of the Caribbean; emphasis on their historical, cultural, and political dependency on colonial powers.

HIS 456/556: African American History Since Reconstruction

A political, social, cultural and economic history of African Americans since 1877. Focuses on segregation, civil rights, the family, northern migration, and cultural contributions.

HIS 449/549: Race, Gender, and Class in Latin America

An historical study of the colonial legacy in Latin America and its implications in the national period of the society of castes which reflected racial, gender, and social perspectives.

HUM 396: Cultural Studies Special Topics

Courses taught under this heading focus on the way social relations of power are constructed in and by cultural practices and the workings and consequences of those relations and practices. These courses examine through verbal and non-verbal texts what seems natural and familiar in order to unmask these representations and to critically examine the implications of these cultural practices in everyday life.

HUM 397: Ethnic Studies Special Topics

Courses taught under this heading focus on the distinctive social, political, cultural, linguistic, and historical experiences of Ethnic groups in the United States.

HUM 399: Genre Studies

Courses taught under this category focus on texts within specific cultural contexts and how these texts influence and reinforce social conditions. HUM 399.02: “Black History in the Fictive Imagination” fulfills the requirements for the Africana Studies minor.

SOC 405: Sociology of Race, Class and Gender

A comprehensive examination of race, class and gender as central categories of social experience. A variety of sociological approaches are integrated to analyze how these differences in identities and accompanying inequalities are constructed within social institutions and processes. Prerequisites: SOC 201 & 3 additional SOC hours or permission of Department Chair.

SOC 307: Race and Ethnicity

Study of sociological perspectives in minority-majority relations; assimilation ideologies; dynamics of prejudice and discrimination; biological, historical and sociological data on race; survey of American minorities.

CRM 328: Race, Class and Crime

Racial-ethnic and class identities are examined in terms of their impact on persons' experiences of the law, crime, justice, victimization, stigma, and punishment/rehabilitation. Sociological and criminological theory and research on these issues are reviewed. Historical and cross-cultural examples are also studied.