Program Description

The Africana Studies program is designed to prepare students:

  • To understand this often annexed portion of academic inquiry in order to expand and diversify their knowledge base. Students will be introduced to analytical, methodological and scholarly approaches which emerge out of African, Caribbean and African American centered schools of critical inquiry.
  • To participate more successfully in our increasingly global market and diverse working communities. Students are exposed to theoretical constructs regarding issues of cultural and racial “difference,” and the attenuating effects of national identify, hegemony, class, gender and aesthetics in the construction of identity.
  • To work in international affairs, public policy, social work, and education. Students will study the sociological, historical, economic, and political factors which have impacted and have been impacted by members of the African Diaspora. They fill further examine the psychological dimensions of race and culture. In turn they will be able to apply this information to their respective professions.
  • To prepare for careers in communication, writing, teaching, theatre and dance. Students will also be prepared for graduate work in the humanities or in law. Students will learn about the multiple and diverse aesthetic/creative modes of expression within African American, Caribbean and African cultures. Students will examine academic approaches to studying the artistic contributions of peoples of the African Diaspora and the theoretical models that have ensued from scholars of the humanities within this field.