Email Accounts


With the upgrade to Microsoft Office 365 in January 2013, Microsoft reset alumni email passwords. Any alumni prior to the Fall of 2011 was affected with the password reset. The new password uses information specific to each alumnus, and the password alumni can use to access e-mail is provided below.

  • Last 2 digits of year of birth
  • UPPERCASE FIRST 2 letters of your last name
  • Last 2 numbers of your Barry ID
  • lowercase first 2 letters of your first name

For example, an individual with the information below would have the password 72DO78ja.

  • Jane Doe
  • ID: 2345678
  • DOB: 05-05-1972

Alumni can access their email by visiting When logging into your email account, be sure to type in your entire e-mail address and password.

A self-service password reset portal is available to change the password by visiting In the Alumni Students section, please select Alumni Email Password Reset. Login in using your email address and current password, on the next page enter and confirm your new password.

If you are unable to login using the password information provided above, please contact the IT Support Desk.

For further information regarding the Office 365 student e-mail migration, please visit our support site.