Homecoming Weekend 2020

Homecoming Weekend

Save the Date: November 13-15, 2020

Whether you live nearby, return every year, or haven't been back to Barry since graduation, Homecoming Weekend is the perfect time to reconnect and be #BarryProud! We are thrilled to welcome all Buccaneers home on November 13-15, 2020.


An updated schedule of events will be posted as soon as it is available

Hotel Accommodations

Updated hotel information will be made available soon.


Celebrate your reunion by making a gift honoring your Barry experience and this Homecoming year. To commemorate this wonderful milestone, class members are asked to make a meaningful gift that dovetails personal philanthropic goals with the University's priorities.

When a class is celebrating its Reunion year, any gifts made by members of the class will be credited to their Reunion. Give at any level that is comfortable for you. Gifts may be designated to a specific area of Barry, like scholarship or capital improvements, or you can make a gift to the Barry University Annual Giving and the contribution will be directed to Barry's greatest need.

Planned and estate gifts may include a multi-year time frame for giving and allows the Reunion class to make an important impact on the future of Barry University.
Reunion Giving is a poignant signal of your class loyalty and an inspiration to the alumni who follow you. Your generosity will support the future of Barry University and benefit your fellow alumni, faculty, staff, and students.

To make your Reunion gift, you may:


Why will I be asked to support Barry University during a Reunion year?

Barry University depends upon the generosity and spirit of each Reunion class to sustain Barry's commitment to educate future leaders in all walks of life. Your gift will have an important and far-reaching impact on the University.

Everyone in your class will be encouraged to participate in the Reunion Gift. Our goal is 100% participation from each member of a class that is celebrating a Reunion year.

In addition to supporting the current operations of the University through Annual Giving, you will be asked to consider a meaningful capital gift within a Reunion giving time frame and/or through your estate plans.

Barry University staff is available to help you explore creative ways to structure your gift to best meet your family, financial, and philanthropic goals.

How will my gift be used?

Student scholarships, faculty positions, research efforts, and academic or student life initiatives can all be supported by your Reunion Gift. We encourage you to consider what purpose would have special meaning for you. Our online giving pages list some existing funds you may choose to support. (www.barry.edu/giving)

How can I create a planned gift as my Reunion gift?

Planned giving can include a variety of financial vehicles such as the creation of a charitable remainder trust or as simple as a bequest to Barry University in an estate plan. Smaller gifts can be made to existing funds or may be unrestricted. A new endowed scholarship fund can be initiated with a current gift in honor of your 50th Reunion and plans can be put in place to fully fund it at a later date with additional lifetime gifts and/or through your estate.

How is my Reunion Gift used if I designate it as unrestricted?

Unrestricted gifts help cover the annual costs of the University that are not fully covered by tuition, fees, or endowment income. The main areas of support include:

  • Student financial aid, which meets the financial needs of nearly 90% of the student body
  • Instructional services, for support of the faculty, libraries, academic programs and equipment, and educational technology
  • Student services, for athletics, counseling services, musical and theatrical performances, and student organizations
  • Institutional services, to help meet campus care needs and administrative costs.

What counts in the Reunion Gift?

The Reunion Gift is comprised of two separate components: current gifts which provide support to the University today (made during the current fiscal year) and future gifts which will provide support in years to come. Please consider making a gift in both categories in honor of your Reunion.

Current gifts

The timeframe for current gifts begins July 1 following your Reunion fiscal year and continuing until June 30 of your Reunion fiscal year. Pledges for gifts that will be fulfilled within the four years following your Reunion are also included. Current gifts include the following:

  • Annual Giving gifts and pledges, as well as BUC Club gifts and pledges
  • Gifts or pledges of cash, securities, mutual funds, IRA account distributions or other liquid assets
  • Life income gifts established or pledged, including:
  • Charitable Gift Annuities (minimum gift $10,000)
  • Pooled Income Funds (minimum gift $10,000)
  • Charitable remainder trusts (minimum gift of $100,000 if Barry University is to serve as trustee)
  • Distributions or grants from charitable lead trusts, donor advised funds or family foundations
  • Estate plan gifts received by June 30th of the Reunion year
  • Gifts of tangible personal property, real estate, life insurance policies or other non-liquid assets
  • Employer matching gifts

Future gifts

Provisions creating future gifts to the University must be established and documented by June 30 of your Reunion year. Future gifts include the following:

  • Specific or residuary bequests in a will or living trust
  • Beneficiary designations for retirement accounts, bank accounts, annuities and life insurance policies
  • Revocable remainder interests in a charitable or traditional trust or a donor advised fund
  • Gifts pledged on behalf of an employee by an employer's charitable giving program
  • administrative costs

How can I make my gift?

For current gifts, Barry University accepts cash, checks, credit cards and transfers of securities or IRA assets. Credit card gifts may be made by mail, by calling 1-800-756-6000, ext. 3170, or by making a gift online at Barry University's website: www.barry.edu/giving. For information on making a gift of securities or IRA assets, please call Margaret Hubbard at 305-981-5249.

Barry University can also help you establish a current or future planned gift to support the University. Life income gift vehicles, including charitable gift annuities, pooled income funds and charitable trusts, provide both income to you (and your chosen beneficiaries) and a gift to the University. Unusual assets, such as personal property, business interests or inventory, or real estate, can be used to support Barry University. A provision in your estate plan such as a bequest or a beneficiary designation can also be a part of your Reunion Gift. We will gladly work individually with you to determine the best way to structure a planned gift to achieve your personal financial and tax planning objectives as well as your family and philanthropic goals.

Please contact Margaret Hubbard at 305-981-5249 or mhubbard@barry.edu if you would like to learn more about planned gift opportunities.

What about corporate matching gifts?

Many companies sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. You can double and in some cases triple the amount of your gift to Barry.

To find out if your company has a matching gift program, you can contact us at 305-899-4918 or 305-899-3170. If you already know that your company matches charitable contributions, you can contact your human resources department for instructions on how to fill out the matching gift form.

Once you fill out the form, mail it to:

Barry University
Annual Giving
11300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33161

How can I create a named or endowed scholarship gift?

The minimum gift to establish a new endowed scholarship fund is $50,000. Some alumni will choose to establish or add to their own endowed funds, establishing scholarship guidelines to specify scholarship award guidelines. Others will give to a scholarship fund previously established or make unrestricted endowment gifts. With a gift of $5,000 or more, you can create a current-use named scholarship. You can support scholarship at any level by designating your gift to the Barry University Scholarship Fund. For more information on creating an endowed scholarship gift or current use named scholarship gift, please contact Anthony Dickey, Director of Annual Giving at 305-981-8022 or adickey@barry.edu.