Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Lourdes Cowgill left a lasting legacy at Pine Crest School, where she worked for 37 years. She began as a faculty member in 1974, became headmistress in 1988, and was president from 1995 until her retirement in 2011. Under her leadership, Pine Crest’s endowment grew from $10 million to $45 million. Financial aid also increased more than 1,000%, providing assistance to nearly 400 students. During Dr. Cowgill’s presidency, Pine Crest continued to advance as one of the premier independent schools in the country.

Dr. Cowgill is currently the senior director of college counseling for International College Counselors, where she guides students through the college admission process.

Born in Cuba, Dr. Cowgill attended school in Havana before moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with her family in 1960. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and graduated summa cum laude from Barry College in 1965. She became the first Woodrow Wilson Scholar from Barry, allowing her to earn a full scholarship for graduate work. She earned both her master’s and doctoral degrees from Bryn Mawr College, and earned a second master’s degree in educational administration at Florida Atlantic University.

Dr. Cowgill was a member and chair of the Spanish Achievement Test (Spanish SAT II) and presenter for Spanish AP workshops in the southern region; director of the National Association of Independent Schools and the Florida Council of Independent Schools; board member for the Educational Records Bureau; and a member of the National Merit Corp. advisory council. She currently serves on the board of Clinica Luz del Mundo, which offers free medical services to Broward County residents without insurance.

Dr. Cowgill has been married for 47 years to her husband, Jim, an engineer. They have two children and four grandchildren.