Alumni Giving

Giving to Student Scholarships

A gift is not a gift until it is shared. A life is only truly lived when it is shared with others.

The cost of private education must be shared with members of a giving community. Barry University is committed to creating a supportive family of friends, parents, alumni, students, faculty, and staff who share their gifts and their lives so that a Barry education may be possible for those who desire it.

Tuition cannot cover the educational needs of today's university student. The ever increasing demand for the best educators, facilities, and educational technology for today's students requires that our constituencies give to scholarships, educational programs, and capital needs.

Scholarships are a vital gift for our students from Barry family members. Barry University is blessed with more than 40 endowed scholarships and more than 50 annual scholarships for our students.

The University is truly grateful to our benefactors. It is their generosity and commitment that advances the mission of Barry University.

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