Legacy Families and Commencement

Although commencement is a time to celebrate the success of all Barry students, we also see commencement as an opportunity to honor the multi-generational bonds within the Barry community. To commemorate the achievements of our legacy students, a Legacy Family Lunch is held on the Friday before graduation. During this special event, members of the University's administration invite alumni relatives to bestow a special legacy cord upon the graduate, thus welcoming them into the alumni ranks alongside their family members. The cord, featuring Barry's colors of red, black & silver, will be worn during the graduation ceremony to designate the graduate’s being part of a Barry legacy family. Following the Legacy Family lunch, legacy students and their families are invited to participate in a special tour of the University Archives.

In addition to the Legacy Family Lunch, graduates and guests are encouraged to attend the Rose and Candle Ceremony. This ceremony is one of the oldest traditions at Barry University, and features each graduate giving a candle (symbol of knowledge and wisdom) to a student of their choice and receiving, in return, a rose (symbol of love and friendship). Legacy students are invited to include their alumni relatives in this ceremony resulting in the candle being passed first from the alumna or alumnus, then to the graduate, and then to the underclassman.

During the graduation ceremony, graduates are asked to wear their special legacy cords, received at the Legacy Family Lunch. Legacy students and their alumni relatives will also be asked to rise and receive special recognition during the ceremony by the President of the Alumni Board of Directors.

Eileen Egan-Hineline, ‘80 MS'99 (right) pictured with her daughter, Shannon Hineline ‘17

Seeing my daughter participate in the Rose and Candle Ceremony while I sat on the stage of the Broad Center with my colleagues, the very stage I crossed to receive my first degree, gave me such joy. It is connection that we will always share, being Barry Proud!”

Eileen Egan-Hineline, ‘80 MS'99 (right) pictured with her daughter, Shannon Hineline ‘17