Anti-Racism and Equity Coalition

By leveraging the diversity within our community, we will develop a strategic plan designed to achieve our shared vision of fostering a more inclusive and equitable community that embraces diversity, promote the success of all learners, support inclusive teaching, scholarship and professional development, and create active initiatives to enhance diverse student experiences.

Our Pledge

The Barry University Anti-Racism and Equity Coalition adheres to the call to advance racial justice and social equity within, and external to, the Barry community. Recent events, showcased by social media, have awakened a global consciousness of the centuries-old systemic and institutionalized racism and inequities in our country. Collectively and individually we, the members of the Coalition, embrace the Core Commitments of the University, and we are committed to dismantling systemic racism wherever we find it and working to advance in its place, racial justice and social equity.

We unequivocally believe in racial justice and social equity. Our focused attention is on race as an equity imperative, however, our work acknowledges and thus include the interests of other groups and individuals that have lived experiences of marginalization and discrimination. We believe every human being has a right to be treated with respect and dignity and that the value of every student, faculty, staff, and administrator must be equally recognized and honored. Hence, the Coalition envisions a healthy space for the Barry community to unleash its individual and collective power to address issues of structural intersectionality and help build an inclusive community where we can all thrive.

The Coalition will therefore advocate for positive change and, within a social justice framework, do the work with courage and vulnerability. We pledge to:

Take concrete action to advance the charge of the Coalition

Embark on a journey of self-reflection and action with compassion and courage

Be forever diligent in our pursuit of truth, knowledge, and social justice; to listen and to learn

Recognize and honor, with humility and appreciation, the breadth and depth of diversity on campus

Work collaboratively as one community to challenge and dismantle all types of oppression by:

  • Identifying ways in which racism is still present in the lived experiences of our students and in our work as faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • Creating University-wide racial justice and equity programs and practices.
  • Affirming our commitment to end racial biases through the re-evaluation of our implicit and explicit curriculum, policies, practices, and programing.
  • Finding and taking meaningful steps to support the academic and career journey of our students of color without a disregard of the needs of all students.
  • Providing safe communities for professional development, reflection, and dialogue.
  • Present to our Barry community a roadmap to achieve an inclusive community.