Barry faculty, alumni named to list of 15 Noteworthy Art Professors in Miami

Barry faculty, alumni named to list of 15 Noteworthy Art Professors in Miami

Three members of the Barry University community were recently named to The Art Career Project’s list of 15 Noteworthy Art Professors in Miami. Barry faculty members John Manzelli, professor of theatre, and Nicole Beltran, assistant professor of graphic design, represent Barry’s faculty while alumna, and assistant professor of Communication Arts at St. Thomas University, Marcela Moyano, EdD, was also named to the list.

Since the 1950s, Miami and South Florida have developed into a major artistic center and many of the cities’ most talented artists are products of the area’s higher education institutions. From South Florida’s excellent colleges and universities come some of the nation’s most accomplished and experienced art professors. 

A legend among the South Florida theatre community, Manzelli has a knack for inspiring his acting students by keeping them actively involved and engaged with their coursework. A Barry alumnus, Manzelli earned his bachelor’s degree in theatre/political science from Barry before achieving his master’s degree from Illinois State. After receiving training in stage combat from the National Stage Combat Workshop, Manzelli became an acclaimed fight choreographer and working as the in-house choreographer for a number of professional theatres and teaching the art at Illinois State and the New World School of The Arts. He has performed all across the South Florida theatre scene, taught at a number of universities, appeared in a handful of stage and film productions, and even currently works as an associate artistic director for a well-received stage company.

Beltran has worked on a variety of graphic design oriented projects for over a decade. Beltran earned a spot on the list because of her enjoyable teaching style and dedication to student success. As a designer, Beltran has been employed by companies like Carnival Cruise Lines, RE/MAX Realty, and American Printing Arts. Her skills have been utilized by clients such as Downtown Hollywood, Whole Foods Market, Colombian Emeralds International, and many more. Beltran holds a Bachelor of Fine Art in advertising and public relations from the University of Central Florida and a Master of Fine Arts in graphic design from Florida Atlantic University.

A native of Colombia, Moyano was named to the list because of the wealth of experience and connections she shares with her students. Moyano earned her Bachelor of Art in communications from local St. Thomas University in 1999. After a brief stint in public relations, she joined the Barry University family and earned a Master of Art in communications with a specialization in public relations. Moyano joined the St. Thomas faculty after receiving her EdD in educational leadership from the school. She is currently an assistant professor in the Institute for Communication, Entertainment and Media and teaches communication and television production courses.

Barry is among 12 local universities with faculty named to the list of 15 Noteworthy Art Professors in Miami. Barry joins the University of Miami and Florida international as the only school with two professors named to the list. Other schools on the list include Broward College, New World School of The Arts, Nova Southeastern, Miami-Dade College, Lynn, and Florida Atlantic.