College of Arts and Sciences Awards Faculty Stimulus Grants for 2021

College of Arts and Sciences Awards Faculty Stimulus Grants for 2021

Three projects have been awarded funding through the 2021 Barry University College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Stimulus Grant Program, which supports faculty creation of new and innovative research, teaching, or community engagement activities.

  • Dr. Conrad Fischer’s “PEGylated elabela analogues as cardioprotective drugs” will investigate a peptide hormone present in the body that regulates cardiovascular health and our water metabolism. Chemical modification of this hormone should lead to increased stability and improved cardiovascular activity, with potential for treatment of cardiovascular and circulatory diseases. The grant will support the purchase of crucial lab equipment to gather preliminary results, and enable undergraduate students to participate in health-relevant research and gain insights in modern aspects of drug design.

  • Dr. Michael Painter’s “Characterizing the biophysical mechanisms underlying magnetic sensing in a marine vertebrate, Poecilia reticulata” investigates magnetic orientation behavior in laboratory reared guppies. Results will provide insight into the root cause of animals’ ability to navigate long distances and orient themselves using the Earth’s magnetic field. The project will involve 3-4 undergraduate researchers, who will set up and carry out experiments and analyze data. Funds from the grant will be used to purchase needed software and equipment.

  • Dr. Trent Wondra’s “Academic and Career Outcomes from Socioeconomic Status Predicting Self-Handicapping Tendencies in College Students” is the continuation of a project begun at the University of Wyoming. Dr. Wondra examines the long-term impacts of particular habits and behaviors on the education and careers of students having low socioeconomic status. Funds will support compensation for participants in the research study. As a second phase of the project unfolds at Barry, undergraduate and graduate students in Psychology will be involved as research assistants, gathering and analyzing psychological data.

Funded by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Office of the Provost, each grant provides up to $3,000 for faculty projects with an emphasis on student engagement and potential for seeking outside funding. The CAS Faculty Stimulus Grant Program will seek proposals annually for faculty-driven new and innovative projects in research, teaching, or community engagement. We look forward to hearing about and supporting more great projects next year.

Thank you to all of our 2021 applicants!