Chemistry/Physics Seminar Series

Chemistry/Physics Seminar Series

Speaker: Jaroslava Miksovska, Ph.D.

Florida International University

Title: Mechanism of signal transduction by neuronal calcium sensors

Date/time/location: January 22, 2014/noon-1 pm/ WA103

Speaker: Song Gao, Ph.D.

Nova Southeastern University

Title: Atmospheric particulate matter: climate change, air pollution, analytical chemistry challenges

Date/time/location: February 10, 2014/noon-1 pm/ WA103

Speaker: Dr. Emil Mottola

T-division in Los Alamos National Laboratories

Title: “What's the (Quantum) Matter with Black Holes?”

Date/time/location: February 26, 2014/ noon-1pm/WA103

Speaker: Nathan Gonzales

Alumni Speaker Series                                       

Title: An Overview of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Date/time/location: March 21, 2014/noon-1 pm/ WA103

Speaker: Ayelet Delascagigas

Senior Seminar – Literature Presentation      

Title: Novel Nanomaterials for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Date/time/location: March 26, 2014/noon-1 pm/ WA103

Speaker: Denae Britsch

Senior Seminar – Research Presentation

Title: Preparation and Optimization of Organic Silica Hybrid Monoliths and Characterization by Capillary Liquid Chromatography

Date/time/location: March 31, 2014/noon-1 pm/ WA103

Speaker: Hangny Dao

Senior Seminar – Research Presentation

Title: Synthesis of Bitopic Muscarinic Antagonists for Pharmaceutical Applications

Date/time/location: April 2, 2014/ noon-1 pm/ WA103

Speaker: Alex Higa

Senior Seminar – Literature Presentation

Title: Chemical Analytical Methods to Detect Markers in Chemical Warfare Agents

Date/time/location: April 14, 2014/noon-1 pm/WA103

Speaker: Jason Llaneras

Senior Seminar – Research Presentation

Title: Kinetic and Solubility Analysis Comparing Dicreatine Citrate and Tricreatine Citrate to Creatine Monohydrate

Date/time/location: April 21, 2014/noon-1 pm/ WA103 

Speaker: Gabriela Soto

Senior Seminar – Research Presentation

Title: Pore Surface Modifications of Organo-Silica Hybrid Monolithic Columns

Date/time/location: April 23, 2014/noon-1 pm/ WA103