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AdministrationDepartment Fax : (305) 899-3556

Dean of HPLSDr. Darlene Kluka305-899-3554
Director of AthleticsMichael L. Covone 305-899-3551
Senior Associate Director of AthleticsDr. Bridget Lyons305-899-4822
Faculty Athletic RepresentativeDr. Eileen McDonough305-899-3090
Associate Director of AthleticsJamie Carrig305-899-4823
Coordinator of Academic Success & Support ServicesTiffany Nicholson305-899-3570
Assistant Director of Athletics/OperationsAlison Fitzgerald305-899-4084
Assistant Director of AthleticsCesar Odio305-899-3172
Administration GAMonica Iachini305-899-4897

Coaching Staff

Head CoachMarc Pavao 305-899-3558
Pitching CoachAlex Gonzalez 305-899-3539
Volunteer Assistant CoachAlbert Destrade 305-899-3558
Volunteer Assistant CoachLyndon Coleman 260-235-1087
Men's Basketball
Head CoachButch Estes 305-899-3566
Assistant CoachRyan Saunders 305-899-3566
Volunteer Assistant CoachJustin Furr 305-899-3566
Volunteer Assistant CoachMichael Bradley 305-899-3566
Volunteer Assistant CoachMarcos Molina 305-899-3566
Women's Basketball
Head CoachBill Sullivan 305-899-3562
Assistant CoachEmer Foley 305-899-3380
Volunteer Assistant CoachAnisa Secerovic 305-899-3562
Volunteer Assistant CoachShanna Suttington 305-899-3562
Men's Golf
Head CoachJimmy Stobs 305-899-3061
Assistant CoachChris Carlin 305-899-3061
Women's Golf
Head CoachShannon Sykora 305-899-3031
Assistant CoachChris Carlin 305-899-3031
Head CoachBoban Rankovic 305-899-3160
Graduate Assistant CoachYenny Kossowsky 305-899-3160
Volunteer Assistant CoachKelly Harrison 305-899-4900
Men's Soccer
Head CoachSteve McCrath 305-899-3560
Assistant CoachHenry Apaloo 305-899-3560
Volunteer Assistant CoachRafael Ferreiro 305-899-3560
Volunteer Assistant CoachPhil Lamarre 305-899-3560
Women's Soccer
Head Coach (Acting) Denise Brolly 305-899-3372
Assistant CoachKevin Lamy 305-899-3372
Volunteer AssistantPam McDonald 305-899-3372
Keeper CoachPhil Lamarre 305-899-3372
Head CoachDanielle Penner 305-899-3564
Assistant CoachMegan Timpf 305-899-3282
Volunteer Assistant CoachMarissa Leslie 305-899-3564
Men's Tennis
Head CoachDr. George Samuel 305-899-3495
Assistant CoachFrederic Bonal 305-899-4845
Volunteer Assistant CoachKern Pedersen 305-899-3495
Graduate Assistant CoachMax Wimmer 305-899-4845
Volunteer Assistant CoachBilly Federhofer 305-899-4845
Women's Tennis
Head CoachAvi Kigel 305-899-3498
Assistant CoachMaria Lopez 305-899-3552
Volunteer Assistant CoachAna Maria Zuleta 305-899-3552
Head CoachSteve Hendricks 305-899-3563
Assistant CoachKatie McCrath 305-899-3845
Volunteer Assistant CoachGreg Villareal 305-899-3845
Volunteer Assistant CoachBJ Hiapo 305-899-3845
Volunteer Assistant CoachAnnika Barnwell 305-899-3845
Volunteer Assistant CoachMariana Lisboa 305-899-3845

Support PersonnelSports Information

Sports Information DirectorDennis Jezek, Jr.305-899-3897
Assistant Sports Information DirectorJim McCurdy305-899-3553
Graduate Assistant SIDJose Paez305-899-3512

Academic Services

Faculty Athletic RepresentativeDr. Eileen McDonough305-899-3090
Coordinator of Academic Success & Support ServicesTiffany Nicholson305-899-3570
Graduate AssistantAltrese Hawkins305-899-3576

Campus Recreation & Wellness

DirectorEd Londono305-899-3073
Fitness DirectorDan Hill305-899-4078
Wellness CoordinatorLorean Mapp305-899-4064
Intramural CoordinatorAndy Havens305-899-4776
CRW Administrative AssistantNell McGhee305-899-3063


Buc Club, Corporate SalesMichael L. Covone305-899-3551

Athletic Training

Head Athletic TrainerScott Freer, ATC/LAT305-899-3555
Assistant Athletic TrainerRebekah Schmidt, ATC/LAT305-899-3572
Grad. Assistant Athletic TrainerAliks Lorrie, ATC/LAT305-899-3572
Grad. Assistant Athletic TrainerChantelle Green, ATC/LAT305-899-3572
Grad. Assistant Athletic TrainerGerman Hall, ATC/LAT305-899-3572

Strength & Conditioning

CoordinatorWayne Rullan305-899-3550

Support Staff

IT Support ServicesIan Genus305-899-4003
ICA Administrative AssistantBridget Stallworth305-899-3863
HPLS Administrative CoordinatorSandra Acevedo305-899-3864
HPLS Facilities CoordinatorJim Cox305-899-3975
Facilities/Marketing GABJ Wagy305-899-4897

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