Rowing Stumbles in Nova Dual

Rowing Stumbles in Nova Dual
Both boats fall by less than 00:05 seconds to the Sharks. Photo by Anthony James.
MIAMI BEACH, Fla.—The Barry rowing team narrowly dropped both the varsity four and the varsity eight races to the Nova Southeastern Sharks on Saturday in the Barry/Nova Dual at Indian Creek.

The varsity four took the water first and finished the race a mere 0:03.4 seconds behind the Nova crew with a time of 8:22.3. For the Bucs, it was cox- Savanna Luberto, stroke Haley Stark, 3- Jen Feriozzi, 2- Jamie Gordon and bow-Rebekah Kilroy manning the boat.

In the varsity eight race, the Barry crew of cox- Grace Horwitz, stroke- Kelly Harrison, 7- Vanessa Viadero, 6- Nicole Marek, 5- Jaimee Lampard, 4- Renee Forcier, 3- Helene Pierre, 2- Arianna Masley and bow- Courtney Greene tallied a time of 7:11.1. Nova’s eight boat beat the Buccaneers, as they posted a finishing time of 7:06.3.

“I think our crews did the best they could today,” Barry head coach Dave Sanderson said. “But clearly, our ‘best’ needs improving; we have work to do. I know our athletes will learn from today’s race and are eager to challenge themselves on a daily basis as we move forward with the season.”

The Bucs take a two week break then travel to Oak Ridge, Tenn. to compete in the SIRA Championships on April 16-17 for their next race.