Women's Tennis Moves To Semifinals With 5-0 Win Over Concordia

Women's Tennis Moves To Semifinals With 5-0 Win Over Concordia
Mona Mansour gave the Bucs their fifth and decisive point with a 6-0, 6-0 win at No. 6 singles. Photo by Joel Auerbach.
ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla.—The second-ranked Barry University women’s tennis team had little problems doing away with the Concordia (NY) Clippers 5-0 on Thursday afternoon in the quarterfinals of the NCAA Women’s Tennis Tournament.
The Bucs took all three doubles matches, surrendering only four games. In singles action, Barry won two matches in 6-0, 6-0 fashion to take the win.
In doubles action the duo of Laura Boguet and Alex Gwizdowski struck first for the Bucs. The twenty-second ranked team in the country beat Maria Ortiz and Juliana Frey and 8-1, taking the final seven games.
Barry’s second point came as the second-ranked duo of Barbi Pocza and Angie Werschel beat Ola Roberts and Yuliya Plevako 8-2. The Bucs took the first four and final three games for the win.
Moments later, the Bucs took a 3-0 lead when Julie Stas and Olivia Matuszak beat Ana Mendez Adeline Brennan 8-1. The Bucs took the first four games and the final three.
In singles action, the Bucs took their two points in flights four and five. At No. 4, Olivia Matuszak blanked Clara Catanzano 6-0, 6-0 with little difficulty.
Moments later, Mona Mansour wrapped it up for the Buccaneers. Mansour breezed past Brennan 6-0, 6-0.
The Bucs led in the three of the four unfinished matches. In the top flight, #3 Pocza was up a set on Roberts, 6-1, 4-1. At No. 3, #44 Caroline Wendling took a set from Frey. She led 6-0, 3-2. At Number six, Stas was close to closing it out when the match ended. She led 6-0, 4-1.
With the win, the Buccaneers move onto the national semifinal tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 pm against fourth-ranked and three-time defending national champions Armstrong Atlantic. The Bucs beat the Pirates 6-3 in their final regular season matchup this season.
Fans make sure to stay tuned to the Buccaneer Championship blog. In addition, you can catch live stats. Selected matches are being streamed live. Visit the NCAA Division II Tennis Championship website for more information.
Tennis Match Results
Concordia vs Barry
05/12/11 at Altamonte Springs, Fla.
(Sanlando Park)
#2 Barry 5, #27 Concordia 0
 Singles competition
1. #3 Barbi Pocza (BUW) vs. #30 ROBERTS, Ola (CNDWT10) 6-1, 4-1, unfinished
2. #36 Angie Werschel (BUW) vs. PLEVAKO, Yuliya (CNDWT10) 4-5, unfinished
3. #44 Caroline Wendling (BUW) vs. FREY, Juliana (CNDWT10) 6-0, 3-2, unfinished
4. Olivia Matuszak (BUW) def. CATANZANO, Clara (CNDWT10) 6-0, 6-0
5. Mona Mansour (BUW) def. ORTIZ, Maria (CNDWT10) 6-0, 6-0
6. Julie Stas (BUW) vs. BRENNAN, Adeline (CNDWT10) 6-0, 4-1, unfinished
 Doubles competition
1. #2 Barbi Pocza/Angie Werschel (BUW) def. ROBERTS, Ola/PLEVAKO, Yuliya (CNDWT10) 8-2
2. #22 Alex Gwizdowski/Laura Boguet (BUW) def. ORTIZ, Maria/FREY, Juliana (CNDWT10) 8-1
3. Julie Stas/Olivia Matuszak (BUW) def. S.O MENDES, Ana/BRENNAN, Adeline (CNDWT10) 8-1
Match Notes:
Concordia 18-4; National ranking #27
Barry 24-1; National ranking #2
Order of finish: Doubles (2,1,3); Singles (4,5)
NCAA Division II Tennis Championships
Quarterfinal Round
Match 22