Program Facilities

Biology - About Labs

The biology program’s nine teaching labs are specifically equipped for the discipline(s) taught in each of the labs, including: biotechnology/genetics, cell biology, anatomy, zoology, marine biology/botany, occupational therapy/histology, physiology, embryology and microbiology.

In addition, there are 12 individual faculty research labs located on campus, which serve as spaces for biology faculty members to conduct their research; as a part of the undergraduate biology program, many students have the opportunity to gain valuable research experience by working alongside faculty in these labs.

During the summer of 2013, the biology program completed its newest lab, an anatomy lab, which will serve as additional space for teaching anatomy labs and non-major courses, such as Biology of Crime, Disease Detectives and The Six Senses.

The biology program also houses a shared-equipment room, a laboratory prep room and an aquarium facility, which includes a saltwater fish aquarium and freshwater tanks that are used to facilitate learning in marine biology classes and for the purposes of faculty research. In 2013, the biology program also acquired a greenhouse, which will be used to facilitate experiments in botany labs.