Why Choose Biology at Barry?

The Biology Department at Barry University has been a fundamental stepping stone in my dream of becoming a medical physician. Not only have I been given an excellent class room education, but I have also had the chance to develop skills necessary for my profession. In my time at Barry, I have had the extraordinary opportunity to complete three full years of microbiological and biomedical research under Dr. Schoffstall’s guidance. Working closely with Dr. Schoffstall and other biology faculty has taught me the importance of effective collaboration within the scientific community helping me develop both leadership and communication skills. More importantly, each of my professors has further instilled a continued desire for knowledge and love of science in me. As I prepare for my next step in life I hope to educate and inspire others in the same way the Barry University biology community has taught me.

Samantha Britz | Barry Biology, Class of 2020

Victoria Hoelscher, BS

"Barry University does not only prepare you academically for your future career, but it gives you the all rounded education needed to succeed in your chosen career. Barry University has enriched my path to becoming a medical doctor by not only providing small, collaborative, enriching classroom settings, but also by encouraging me to think about my community and my role in it. The elite professors of Barry University’s Biology Department provided me with amazing research, tutoring, and educational opportunities throughout my four years. The Career Development Center helped me to articulate my knowledge, skills, and abilities and package them into medical school applications for the next step of my journey. The care provided to me, inside and outside of the classroom, by both the Biology Department and the Career Development Center has helped me to be an all rounded person, develop skills that will help me prosper during my journey, reflect on my actions, and serve my community proudly as a Barry alum."

Mario Romero | Barry Biology, Class of 2020

Mario Romero

Barry University was instrumental in bringing out potential I did not realize I had! With the esteemed faculty and personalized learning methods, the education is both comprehensive and exciting. On top of the knowledge I have gained, I have developed strong and meaningful relationships with both my peers and respected professors. Moving forward with my medical career, Barry University will always be my foundation- and for that I am forever grateful!

Ariella Gordon | Barry Biology, Class of 2019

Ariella Gordon

Many don’t know what they want to do when they start university, and although I came in already knowing I wanted to study biology, the Department of Biology at Barry University made me rediscover my own passion and fall in love with the field in a completely different way. I was able to get involved in scientific research, become a teaching assistant for anatomy, and volunteer in different science outreach initiatives. Our faculty is not only stellar but also passionate, and committed to student success; the professors are not just lecturers they are educators. Throughout my undergraduate journey they have challenged me, inspired me, and encouraged me. Courses are taught to exemplify the core commitments of the university so that each student graduates not solely with a degree in biology but as an individual educated in a science, its core principles and mechanisms, ethical imperatives and the aptitudes to serve their community in their desired field, be it medicine, research, education or more.

Llona Kavege | Barry Biology, Class of 2019

Llona Kavege

At the beginning of my undergraduate journey, I dreamt of becoming a doctor but felt lost trying to figure out how to make that dream my reality. The amazing faculty and staff of the Barry University Biology Department, who became more like family to me than merely professors, guided me through four years of undergrad and helped me attain an acceptance to my number one choice medical school back home in the state of Texas. I am 100% positive that choosing to earn a biology degree at Barry was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I am eternally grateful to the school and department for everything they have done for me."

Victoria Hoelscher, BS | Barry Biology, Class of 2016

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
MD Candidate, fall 2016 - present

Victoria Hoelscher, BS

As a student in the Biology Department at Barry University, I never felt like I was going through school alone, I felt like I always had someone supporting me. The faculty and staff in truly care about the students and are very invested in their success and accomplishments. It always felt great to be known by name and to have people that were always willing to help you with anything. They helped me build the confidence I needed to achieve all my goals. I will forever cherish my experience at Barry University."

Kelly Hills-Muckey, BS | Barry Biology, Class of 2015

Stony Brook University
PhD Candidate, Fall 2016 - present

Kelly Hills-Muckey, BS

The Department of Biology at Barry University feels like a family. It was a privilege to be a part of it, to be known by my name, to be noticed and feel supported. Schools like Barry have a great advantage: It's rare anywhere else that you can have such close interactions with professors."

Daria Vasilyeva, BS | Barry Biology, Class of 2015

Columbia University College of Dental Medicine
DMD Candidate, Class of 2019

Daria Vasilyeva, BS

Barry University's Biology Department, along with the RISE and MARC programs, instilled in me the knowledge, confidence, and courage to pursue my dream of becoming a biomedical science researcher. To my Barry family, thank you!"

Nicole H. Lopez, BS | Barry Biology, Class of 2014

Georgia Regents University
PhD Candidate, fall 2014 - present

Nicole H. Lopez, BS

The education I received through the Barry University Department of Biology has provided me with an enduring backbone of knowledge of the biological sciences in order to prepare me for physician assistant school. The availability of the department faculty, staff and facilities produced a supportive and insightful environment, which was imperative to my undergraduate success."

Colette Eule, BS | Barry Biology, Class of 2014

Mease Countryside Hospital
Orthopedic/Urology Patient Care Technician

Colette Eule, BS

My experience as a BIO major at Barry University was very hands on. Being a part of small classes enabled one-on-one communication between students and professors, creating a nurturing and caring atmosphere. The courses and the amount of material we were provided with challenged me intellectually and allowed me to properly manage my time both inside and outside of class."

Alma Ramirez, BS | Barry Biology, Class of 2013

Florida International University
MBA Student, Class of 2017

Alma Ramirez, BS

The Biology Department at Barry is in a class by itself. The faculty, from advisors to professors, and every single person in the department are passionate about helping their students succeed, and they do just that. My Biology education at Barry provided me with the necessary tools to not only reach my goals, but to also succeed in them. I cherish my experience at Barry every day, and would not be where I am without it."

Ian Marks, BS | Barry Biology, Class of 2013

St. George's University School of Veterinary Medicine
DVM Candidate, Class of 2018

Ian Marks, BS

I was a Biology major at Barry University which prepared me well for the rigors of medical school. The foundational knowledge provided by Human Anatomy and Physiology, Immunology, Microbiology, Virology, and Genetics are among the top contenders in my preparation. Barry University allowed me to flourish which made many opportunities available to me at the post-graduate level. Thank you Barry Biology! Barry Proud!"

Alicia Guerrero, BS | Barry Biology, Class of 2013

University of Florida College of Medicine
MD Candidate, Class of 2018

Miami Transplant Institute
Donor Desk Specialist, 2013-2014

Alicia Guerrero, BS

The years I spent at Barry University as a Biology major were of great importance for my personal and academic growth. My Biology professors provided me with a strong foundation in the basic sciences in order to prepare me for dental school so that I can fulfill my dream of becoming a dentist. When I applied to dental school, I was invited on six figure-more-infos (New York University, University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, University of Florida, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, and Nova Southeastern University) and received two pre-December acceptances. I am currently enrolled at New York University College of Dentistry and I could have never come this far without the outstanding educational opportunities I received at Barry."

Angelika Batres, BS | Barry Biology, Class of 2013

New York University College of Dentistry
DMD Candidate, Class of 2018

University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
NIH Research Fellow, 2013 - 2014

Angelika Batres, BS

Barry provided the necessary knowledge in science that I needed to prepare for my pre-medical requisites for medical school. Furthermore, having a relatively small class allowed me to have a more personalized mentorship experience from the faculty in each of my courses. Without doubt, their advice and recommendations helped me to succeed academically and accomplish my goal of entering medical school."

Marcela Toro, BS | Barry Biology, Class of 2013

Weill Cornell Medical College
MD Candidate, Class of 2019

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Research Associate, 2013 - 2015

Marcela Toro, BS

So many of the biology professors have played a role in my past, present and future successes, and I have become a better version of myself thanks to them. I am grateful in so many ways, for my experience both as an undergraduate and now as a graduate student here at Barry. Upon my entry as an undergraduate, I was nervous, and unsure of what the future had in store, hoping I had made the right decision to go back to school. From day one until graduation the support from my professors, the staff and the friends I had made were unlike anything I had ever felt."

Nicole Schtupak-Zernitsky, MCMSc PA-C | Barry Biology, Class of 2012

Barry University
Physician Assistant Graduate, Class of 2015

Cleveland Clinic Florida
Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant

FL Academy of Physician Assistants
South Regional Director

Nicole Schtupak-Zernitsky, MCMSc PA-C

Something unique to me about Barry University was the small classes. This is especially important for a Biology major as it allows for more interaction with the teachers and classmates. All my teachers knew me on a first name basis which gave me the feeling that they genuinely cared. My coursework really prepared me for my graduate classes as well as my current positions in a Trauma Level 1 hospital."

Danaë Brierre, MPH | Barry Biology, Class of 2012

New York Medical College
Master of Public Health/Graduate Certificate in Global Health, Class of 2015

Danaë Brierre, MPH

Barry University gave me the opportunity to pursue my personal academic interests while providing a supportive, encouraging, and rigorous learning environment. While studying Biology, I discovered my passion for academic medicine, human anatomy and physiology, and interdisciplinary and educational research. As a student, anatomy lab teaching assistant, researcher, and musician, the Department of Biology encouraged me to be creative and a free and critical thinker. It was my science education at Barry that prepared me for medical school, and subsequently a residency in diagnostic radiology. I owe my success to the dedication of the people with whom I interacted within the Department of Biology, and remain confident that the education one obtains through the department will prepare anyone to be a leader in any field."

Frederic J. Bertino, MD | Barry Biology, Class of 2011

Emory University
Resident Physician, 2015 - present

St. George's University School of Medicine
MD Graduate, Class of 2015

Frederic J. Bertino, MD

I can truly say that attending Barry University was one of the best decisions I made in the pursuit of a career in medicine. The pre-medical program of study contained all the necessary elements I needed to succeed in medical school. In the Biology Department you will find excellent faculty and staff who will help to guide you in the right direction to reach your goals. By far my fondest memories are of my faculty research mentor, who supported me in my pursuit of medicine and always encouraged me to do my best. I would recommend Barry University to anyone who is interested in a career in healthcare."

Lanzi Sinaise, MD | Barry Biology, Class of 2010

Vanderbilt University
Resident Physician, 2015 - present

Meharry College of Medicine
MD Graduate, Class of 2015

Lanzi Sinaise, MD