Undergraduate Graduation Requirements

(1) Satisfactory completion of at least 45 credits of distributed coursework, including 9 credits in each of the following curricular divisions with a minimum of 3 credits in each of the ten subdivisions

  • Theology and Philosophy - 9 credits
  • Written and Oral Communication - 9 credits
  • Physical or Natural Science and Mathematics - 9 credits
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences - 9 credits
  • Humanities and the Arts - 9 credits
  • Total Distribution Requirements - 45 credits

The above distributed coursework must be selected from an approved list of courses from the areas below.

Students can obtain copies of the approved lists of courses from their academic advisors.

  • Philosophy
  • Theology
  • Written Communication: Excluding ENG 095
  • Oral Communication
  • Fine Arts: Art, Dance, Music, Photography, Theatre
  • Humanities: English Literature, French, Humanities, Spanish
  • Mathematics: Excluding MAT 090, 100, and 105
  • Natural Sciences: Biology, SES 360/360L, Environmental Science (PACE offers courses with an EVS prefix that are used to satisfy the science requirement.)
  • Physical Sciences: Chemistry, Physics excluding CHE 110.
  • Behavioral Sciences: Anthropology, Criminology, Psychology, Sociology
  • Social Sciences: Economics, Geography, History, Political Science
  • All Methods of Teaching courses (XXX 376, 476) are excluded.

(2) Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 120 credits with a cumulative average of 2.00 (C). Of the total, a minimum of 48 credits must be in courses numbered above 299. The last 30 credits and the majority of the major coursework must be completed at Barry University .

(3) Individual schools require satisfactory completion of an integrative experience in the major field(s). Examples of integrative experiences are capstone courses or seminars, written or oral comprehensive exams, national certification or licensure exams, internships, and clinical field work.

(4) Completion of a major. Specific requirements are given in the introduction to each of the majors. All requirements for the degree must be completed before students take part in a graduation ceremony.

Students are required to take the Major Field Assessment Test (MFAT) in Biology.

Graduating students must complete a senior presentation, participate in an exit forum, and fill out all appropriate alumni forms.