Biomedical Sciences Program Options

The Biomedical Sciences Program has been designed to prepare students to advance as health care professionals or biomedical scientists. Specifically, the curriculum educates students through rigorous, graduate-level science courses in order to strengthen their applications for professional school (DO/MD, DDS/DMD, DPM, DVM, OD, PA, PharmD). The core science courses are similar to those found in the first year curriculums of many medical, dental or podiatry schools. Program options are as follows:

Biomedical Sciences Program Options12-month Track is a rigorous curriculum designed for students who have already completed their undergraduate pre-med/ pre-dental preparation and want to enhance their qualifications for entrance into medical or dental school.

18-month/2-year Tracks are also designed to prepare you for acceptance to medical and dental schools but at a slightly less rigorous pace than the 12-month program.

Research Track is designed for students who are currently employed in the healthcare industry who seek advancement in their chosen field, those who wish to “cross-over” into the biomedical fields in industry or teaching, and those who are preparing for PhD programs, particularly in the biomedical field. The Research track is a 2 year program.

Note: Track placement is determined by the Admissions Committee. Decisions about your admission and track placement are based on many factors, and include: previous academic coursework, score on entrance exam and the overall strength of all applicants for the program. Other factors may be utilized to determine placement on an individual basis.