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Research Curriculum

For students interested in research. This program will help students develop knowledge and skills that prepare them for a position in research or in the biomedical industry. Students are required to take the following courses:

Course Code DescriptionNumber of Credits
BMS 527Biochemistry I3
BMS 528Biochemistry II3
BIOE 521Laboratory Safety- Principles & Practices3
BIOE 545Microtechnique3
BMS 553Health Law & Ethics3
HSA 535 or
BIOE 648
Applied Biostatistics or
BMS 507Basic Research Methodology3
BMS 675Research3
BIOE 671CapstoneCR/NC
(credit/no credit)

*Elective Options: (minimum of 12 credits)

Course Code DescriptionNumber of Credits
BMS 590Gross Anatomy w/ Lab6
BMS 547Neuroanatomy w/ Lab5
BMS 550Histology and Cell Biology w/ Lab4
BMS 555Human Embryology3
BMS/BIOE 547Molecular Genetics3
BMS/BIOE 555Immunology3
BIOE 644Cancer Biology3
BMS 665Advanced Study1-3
BIO 603Advanced Histotechnology3
BIOE 505Biotechnology3

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