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This year marks our tenth year of providing excellence to the local community. BUCkids Summer Camp is a day camp held for eight weeks during the summer on the beautiful campus of Barry University. Boys and Girls ages 5-12 are welcome to attend camp for just a day, for a week, a few weeks, or all eight weeks. BUCkids Camp offers recreational and instructional swimming, reading & writing, dance, drama, math, physical education, arts & crafts, computer education, tutoring, special events, character building programs, freedom nights, arcade games, and much more.


No, an eight week commitment is not required. The structure of the camp allows for flexibility for parents and campers. We understand that families have summer plans so our program is designed to be flexible. Feel free to sign up for one week, two weeks, four, or all eight. Pricing can be found at the camps registration page.


You can register in one of two ways, either online or in person. We recommend that you register online to help expedite the process, but we understand that some people would rather do it in person. If you choose to register in person who will have to visit the Campus Recreation & Wellness Office on the campus of Barry University. Please note that a $25.00 registration fee applies to each registered camper, no exceptions. You child will not be officially enrolled in camp until the registration fee is paid.


Payments can only be made in person, by fax, or mail. There is no way to pay online. If you wish to pay for a four, six, or eight week package (at a discount to you) you will have to pay all at once, but you are still free to choose any weeks you wish. Weekly payments are due 7 days in advance of the week your child will attend. T-shirts (mandatory) and other camp items are available for purchase. Please note that a $25.00 registration fee applies to each registered camper, no exceptions. You child will not be officially enrolled in camp until the registration fee is paid.


Children will be assigned to grade appropriate groups. Because of the academic demission to our camp program, we need our campers to stay at the same intellectual level as the other in their group. The groups look like this:

  • Group 1 = Kindergarten - 1st grade
  • Group 2 = 2nd - 3rd grade
  • Group 3 = 4th - 5th grade
  • Group 4 = 6th - 7th grade

Although your child will be spending the majority of the day with kids their age, there is also free time to mingle with all camper every day.

What Does My Child Need To Bring To Camp?

Besides a smile there are only a few items we ask all campers to bring on a daily basis. First it is very important that every camper wears his/her camp shirt every day. This is especially important on days we have field trips. We also ask that the camper also bring their camp backpacks everyday (with their name on it). Your child has a busy schedule, and might change clothes a number of times throughout the day, having a backpack helps keeps everything organized. Campers are also asked to bring a bathing suit for the pool and sneakers for P.E. class. Anything else is up to the camper and parents, suggested items include: sunscreen, beach towel, swimming goggles, extra snacks (food is provided), and money for the snack bar. Please no Nintendo systems, handheld devises, toys, jewelry, cell phones, or bikes. There will be curtain designated days that campers will be able to bring these items to camp.

How Safe Is Your Camp?

Our camp is extremely safe. All of our counselors and instructors are CPR certified, VIRTUS certified, and go through background checks before they are hired. Due to the fact that the camp is located on the campus of Barry University there is also a 24 hour security service that patrols all day. The camp has a direct line to security, and the police and fire departments can be on campus within a matter of minutes.

Who Is Allowed To Pick Up My Child After Camp?

This is solely a decision made by the parents. At the start of camp we ask all parents and gardening’s to list the individuals that are allowed to pick up your child. We also ask that you provide the contact information for each individual incase we might need to get in touch with them. Other then that NO ONE ELSE is allowed to take your child, if there name is not on your list they cannot take the camper. We will call all parents if a question arises.

What Do I Do If I Need To Pick My Child Up Early?

Not a problem, just let us know. If you need to pick up your child early just let us now ahead of time so that we can arrange for your child to be ready when you arrive. The sooner you let us know the easer it is for us to get you child in a timely manner. Just call our hotline at 305-588-6188. In any case we can always locate your child within five to ten minutes.

Are Parents Allowed To Attend Field Trips?

We understand that are field trips are awesome and parents might want to tag alone, but we do not allow parents to attend field trips. We have trained staff and counselors who attend all of the field trips with the kids.

Will My Child Have Time To Eat?

Yes, your child will receive a healthy hot meal with a dessert everyday. They will also get a snack at 3:30pm everyday.


Just let us know any medical needs your child might require, and we will do our best to help. Please understand that BUCkids or Barry University staff will not administer medication. This is a liability issue and done to protect the child and the rest of the campers. All campers are required to show proof of medical insurance.


BUCkids Summer Camp direct phone number:

Camp Hours:
M-F 8:00am to 6:00pm

BUCkids Summer Camp Location:
Barry University

BUCkids Summer Camp address:
BUCkids Camp
Barry University
11300 NE 2nd Ave
Miami Shores FL, 33161