Business Services and Facilities Management Mission

Mission Statement:

Business Services and Facilities Management supports the University Mission by providing an environment conducive to a quality education.

We do this by:

  • Delivering comprehensive and professional services in the areas of: Physical Plant, Conference and Event Services, Construction, Telecommunications, Mail Services and Printing.
  • Maximizing utilization of University space through a centralized coordination of all activities (internal and external).
  • Keeping the University's facilities and grounds in superior condition thus providing a healthful, safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for all members of the campus community.
  • Planning and managing the design, construction, demolition, remodeling, and renovation of facilities, and the acquisition/disposal of real estate.
  • Providing reliable, cost effective telecommunications services in order to support the university's wide variety of user needs and applications.


  • Our vision is to provide leadership and strategic direction in Business Services and Facilities Management by fostering relationships within the University community.
  • We will be proactive in meeting the changing needs of our customers by exceeding their expectations in the delivery of our services.
  • We will be proactive in understanding the changing needs of our customers.
  • We will exceed our customer's expectations in the way we deliver our services.
  • We will establish a culture to develop a highly qualified workforce that promotes diversity, teamwork and collaboration.
  • We will demonstrate value for efficiency, effectiveness and fiscal responsibility in the use of University resources.


  • We are committed to recognizing our employees as our greatest asset.
  • We are dedicated to teamwork.
  • An honest and ethical approach to our work, displaying integrity and respect for each other and our customers.
  • A safe and healthy environment.
  • We foster an environment that empowers employees to facilitate change.

Business Services and Facilities Management Organization

Business Services and Facilities Management includes the following departments:

  • Construction
  • Physical Plant (Maintenance, Grounds and Housekeeping)

The associate vice president for Business Services and Facilities Management provides executive leadership and is responsible for the services provided by these departments.

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