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The Andreas School of Business offers undergraduate and graduate students assistance in obtaining an internship position at a local corporation and abroad in their field of study. School of Business students have interned at companies such as:

  1. World Trade Center Miami
  2. Merrill Lynch
  3. U.S. Export Assistance Center
  4. Wachovia Securities
  5. WTDC
  6. Starboard Cruises
  7. Broward Center for the Performing Arts
  8. The Consulate of Mexico
  9. The Consulate of France
  10. Warner Music Latina
  11. Catholic Charities

What are the advantages of doing an internship?

  1. Hands-on experience with the “real world” of business
  2. Practical, relevant experience that enhances your resume
  3. An opportunity to determine if your chosen field is right for you
  4. The possibility of a full-time position
  5. Your internship supervisor could become a good reference for your job search
  6. You can build valuable relationships with successful business executives
  7. Helps you develop your critical thinking skills as you experience other points of view
  8. The chance to practice your communications skills
  9. Elective business credit

How do I get an International Internship?

International Business majors are required to complete an international internship as well as a domestic internship. The International Internship may be completed in an organization located abroad or within the United States. For an International Internship completed in the United States, internship work must be focused on an international topic. The experience of working with a multi-national or foreign organization abroad or in the United States enhances an International Business student's skills and resume. International Business majors should contact Dr. Laura Hart, International Business Program Director, early in their academic careers to plan their coursework and internships.

For more information:

Contact Information

Domestic Internships
John Moriarty
Assistant Director Career Services
Office: 305-899 - 3957

International Internship
Dr. Laura Hart
Director, International Business Program
(305) 899-3528

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