Business school professor elected vice president - Society of Economists

Dr. Adnan Daghestani was recently elected as vice president of the Society of Economists at the annual meeting of the Federation of Business Disciplines in New Orleans.

The Federation of Business Disciplines is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization founded in 1973 for those disciplines common to business administration. It boasts national and international constituencies of more than 1,000 college professors from schools of business attending its annual meetings. The Society of Economists is one of the disciplines affiliated with the federation.

Daghestani’s election is part of his six year commitment to the federation. In 2013 he will become program chairman and president elect. In 2014 he will become president, and then there follows a three-year term on the executive board.

“As a result of his election, the name of Barry University will be prominent in the organization for the next six years,” said School of Business Dean, Tomislav Mandakovic.