Study Abroad

Barry University offers a variety of Study Abroad options. You can choose to study in a partner institution at a foreign country and receive college credit for it. Studying abroad can be an exceptional experience, and there are some many places that are available to students. Dr. Katherine Nelson, Director of Study Abroad, provides the information that you need to plan the learning trip of your choice that will ultimately change your life in a positive way. Studying abroad opens your mind and exposes you to different ways of life.

Advantages of Studying Abroad

For future business leaders, being experienced in multiple cultures increases your skill set and makes you more valuable to organizations. Some advantages of studying abroad for a business student:

Travel - You experience a culture different from your own. You will learn that people from different countries view things differently. This experience can help you with your personal development and your critical thinking skills.

Learn a new language - You can take courses in and practice your second or third language. There is no better language lab than the country itself. And more opportunities develop for you as your language skills increase.

Write it on your resume - Your resume will stand out more since you have had experience in dealing with a different culture. Executives will take notice of the experience on your resume.

Meet new people from a variety of places - You will interact with students from all over the globe who may be studying in the program you have chosen.

Receive College Credit - You may get academic credit for the subjects you choose to study.

Explore and have fun - You can enjoy the sights, museums, architecture, and cuisine of the country you visit.

School of Business students interested in arranging a study abroad experience can learn more by contacting Dr. Katherine Nelson via email at or visiting her office in Garner Hall Room 135. To participate in study abroad, students have to fulfill the requirements of the Study Abroad program chosen and be in good standing.

After meeting with the Director of Study Abroad, School of Business students must meet with the Assistant Dean of the School of Business to discuss how the study abroad experience is best accommodated within their academic program. Students can only participate in a pre-approved Study Abroad program to obtain transfer credit.