Charles W. Evans, Ph.D

Charles W. Evans, Ph.D

Dr. Charles Evans earned his PhD in Finance from Florida Atlantic University, and his MA in Economics from George Mason University with concentrations in Austrian School Economics and Public Choice Theory. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Economics, Finance, and General Business. His research focuses on bitcoin and distributed autonomous organizations.

Dr. Evans has been involved with virtual currencies since the first moneypunk? wave during the ’90s dot-com era. He is the executive director of the Conscious Entrepreneurship Foundation, which promotes the use of virtual currency among the vast majority of the world's population who are unbanked and underbanked. He also is an editor for Ledger, the multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on cryptocurrency.

When not teaching, Dr. Evans works with both prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys as an expert witness in criminal and civil cases. He has been qualified in federal court and in Florida state court as an expert on finance and bitcoin.

A native of Miami, Dr. Evans has lived in the New York City area, the District of Columbia, Los Angeles, Southern Germany, West Berlin, Anguilla (Eastern Caribbean) and the Bahamas. He speaks fluent German and enough Spanish to get by.

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