Minor in Sport Management

The minor in Sport Management is available to complement professional majors in other disciplines such as marketing, fitness, health, wellness, public relations, journalism, psychology and communications. It is designed to prepare students for opportunities in the sport-related fields including amateur, professional, and collegiate sport administration, as well as entrepreneurial businesses focusing on health, fitness, recreation, sport and sport products.

Required Courses:15
SES 250Sport and Recreation Management(3)
SES 440Sport Marketing, Promos/ Fundraising(3)
SES 480Contemporary Issues and Ethics in Sport(3)
SES 485Intro. To Law in SES(3)
SES 486Practicum in Sport Management(3)
Electives: 6 hours from the following recommended courses6
SES 260Leisure Planning and Programming(3)
SES 380Facility Design and Event Management(3)
SES 431Media Relations in Sport(3)
SES 444Financial Applications to Sport(3)
SES 465Administration of Programs and Facilities(3)

Degree Total (Sport Management Minor): 21 Credit-Hours